Today has been all about getting my life back on track.

Starting with getting some form of income back into my bank account. That meant calling WINZ.


Its hold music is awful, it needs to do something about that. But the good news, my benefit had not been canceled, only suspended. So by going in to the office and showing that I had not gotten any wages for the last month, it would be reinstated. With back pay!


I was then proactive about finding a job. Calling newspapers. One thing I have found is that the smaller community papers don’t advertise in mainstream job sites. They advertise within themselves. So if you’re not in the city, tough luck finding them. Thus why I’m being proactive. Calling them shows you’re keen and you find out if they have any jobs straight away.

Or at least that’s my thinking.

I found a few more suitable jobs on mainstream sites too and have applied for one. Also got two emails saying “We’re starting the shortlisting process. We’ll be in touch.”

So the action plan is looking good.

Zoom, zoom, zoom!

I watch far too much Scrubs.