It’s action time!

Needless to say, this morning I was not feeling that flash.

I wasn’t extremely hungover, just in a very “I could demolish 10 cheeseburgers” hungover. No panadol was needed. That’s a bonus.

So I got me a zinger burger. Actually I got two. Actually I got a tower burger. Technically it was a zinger tower burger. Times two.



Today was a contemplative day. Basically thinking what should I do next? What is the next logical step in progressing, in getting another job? And where do I want to go in life?

Just a few questions that have been weighing on me today.

I had gotten into the thinking of moving to Wellington and now I might have to change that. I tend to have the habit of getting attached to things I don’t yet have and then become extremely disappointed when I don’t get them. Case and point: the recent job possibility.

So I have got a semi-plan.

Firstly, I need to ring WINZ, because currently I am not getting any money in and there are still things that I need to be paying for like my phone, and I am going deeper and deeper into overdraft. This needs to stop, because I worked so hard to get out of it in the last year.

Then, I will call and register with Adecco. Hopefully they will be able to tell me about more jobs that are going, or enlighten me to other jobs that I could be doing, while using my degree.

I will then put a call into one of my journalism lecturers to see if they know of anything going and also, because if I didn’t get a job, I was going to go back and do my Masters. But having thought about it, I really don’t want to. I’m ready to work, I want to work and studying right now would just not be productive for me. I will always have that option if I choose to do it, but right now I think it would be more beneficial if I could get more experience first. But I will discuss this option with lecturer as well, because it may be the only option I have.

I am not going to sit around Hastings for another year. There is no way.

Which brings me to the next thing I will do. I will apply for all the jobs on the job websites as possible that I think I will be suitable for. Even dabbling into the media consultancy positions.
But in the not wanting to sit around Hastings, I need to move on, even if it is not a journalism job. I will pick the city that I want to be in and I will find a retail position, hopefully. As that is really the only other job that I am trained to do.

But honestly, I’m a smart person with two qualifications behind me, I could possibly find something that I can still use those with. Like an assistant or something. I have wonderful communication skills, a very nice phone manner and I know my way around a computer.

So this is everything that I have been thinking of today. It’s good to get it out into the written word. I have also already applied for one job down in Wellington. Fingers crossed. I probably won’t hear anything from that until it closes in a week’s time.

The plan, I think, is good and it has stopped me freaking out about what I had to do next. So it is now time for me to sleep, because I have a lot of phone calls tomorrow and put the plan into action.

Soz for the long post!

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  1. Friendly word of advice: No matter how desperate you get, DO NOT accept a job in Customer Service/Call Centre. It saps your will to live and you can NEVER ESCAPE. I have to go now, the Enforcers are coming to silence me. Run, while you still can!

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