Stuck with it, whether you like it or not.

I am so tired today. I did not exactly sleep last night. Damn insomnia. It was somewhere close to 5am before I managed to get some sleep. Then I was woken about 11 with Friend calling to see if I wanted to go to Napier.

Why the hell not?

So I got up and she came picked me up and we went to Napier.

The aim was to find board shorts for Friend. In the search for those, I found what has been dubbed my “sexy journalist dress”. It actually looks like something a secretary would wear back in the day. Quite rad.

Also found a good pair of black pants. Yay! An essential in any woman’s wardrobe and I have been missing a pair for awhile.

We also popped into my old work and I said hello to everyone and picked up a copy of the paper, which had another one of my articles on the front page. I’m a little miffed at this. As well as a little bit angry, but ultimately, it’s another one of my articles published that gets my name out there and I can add to my portfolio.

It’s just one of those situations in life where you’re like: “Excuse me, what!?” But there’s nothing you can do so you forget about it and move on. I’m just very much in two minds about the entire situation, which I have gone into detail in other posts.

Still have not heard re: interview. Will keep waiting. Nerves are frazzled, which probably explains the unable to sleep currently.


I’ll carry on with my life of the unemployed, which is a bit of a life in limbo at the moment too, until I hear something.

So this post has been fairly unexciting, unfunny and unwarranted.