You don’t win friends with salad! But you do with fudge and cheesecake.

I have been so busy today and I am completely exhausted.

Today has been a day of cooking. I made a cheesecake, fudge and potato salad. Then got everything for dinner ready. Being in a kitchen for four hours straight is draining. I honestly don’t know how chefs do it. Kudos to them.

The cheesecake* – the most complicated one I have ever made and have been wanting to make for years – was a tiramisu cheesecake. Coffee and alcohol. *insert evil laugh here* It has savoiardi biscuits around the outside and acts as the base. They’re ladyfingers, essentially, and I came across them at a Mediterranean food store in Ahuriri months ago (they keep) called Vettro. As Sister and Brother-in-law are up for a few days from Christchurch, I decided to finally make it, because I know they would appreciate it the most.


Once the cheesecake was done I moved on to the fudge*. It has been dubbed “Lee’s fudge” because brother-in-law loves it so much and has actually gotten into arguments over who gets the last piece of this fudge. There are many funny stories about this fudge involving brother-in-law that Sister could tell you. I will not go into them, partly because I don’t remember half of them.

The fudge is really easy and everyone loves it, because it is tasty. It’s original name is Hazelnut fudge. Just so you know.


Then I made the potato salad. It is becoming the standard salad of late. Partly because it is so goddamn good, I’m getting addicted to it, and partly because it’s actually really easy to make.


I then finally got to sit down as I passed the green salad making over to Sister. Then Father came home and Grandparents turned up for dinner. Just another night in the Rapley household.

Finally I get to blob and catch up on stuff. Now watching the 45-stone-virgin. It just reminds me of how awkward I am some times.


Line of the day goes to Sister when we were discussing ages, she said: “You’re only as young as the man you feel.” Brother-in-law is 2 weeks younger than Sister and Grandfather is 2 weeks younger than Grandmother. It tends to fun in the family… bunch of cougars we are.

Also got offer of date from @TheJessjess and marriage proposal from @jethrocarr. I think they only want me for my food. Well, Mother always told me the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Looks like I’m on the right track.

*Recipes will be up on Music and Cupcakes as soon as I can get them up there.