I win, because I’m higher up the hill.

Pants-face McGee is totally the new insult.

I have no idea where that came from, but I’m totally going to use it at some point. Like when someone says “You suck!” I’ll just reply, “Well, you’re a pants-face McGee!”


They won’t know what hit them, because all they will be thinking is “What The Hell?” and I’ll be able to walk off all superior and be like “neener neener neener, who’s got the higher ground now?”


I’m all about meanings lately. Questioning the meanings of little things. I don’t know why, just am, so, what does this mean?

(see what I did there?)

Can you tell I’ve done nothing today? I actually feel hungover. It is my “Wellington Hangover”. It’s a combination of tiredness and dehydration I think. I feel the burn. Frankly, I’d like to soak in a tub of moisturiser and hope it brings back the normal-ness of my skin.

Might leave the post here for the day. Hope I gave you all a chuckle.