Just another day… OR IS IT?

Today, I have had no awesome thoughts, I have done bugger all and quite frankly, I’m contemplating going back to sleep.. Just another typical day in the life of an unemployed journalist.

Except if you count going to the supermarket.

Or preparing for THE job interview tomorrow.

Those aren’t in my typical day.

In preparation for my interview tomorrow, I have removed my chipped fluorescent yellow nail polish. I have compiled my best articles from my portfolio and I am about to pluck my eyebrows so my face is symmetrical again.

Then I need to pick shoes to wear. I was going to wear boots, but Mother says I would look more professional if I wore heels. I have many pairs of heels, so I don’t know what pair. Might be safe and go with a flat pair. I’m trying to keep in mind that I have a four hour drive to Wellington in the morning as well as walking around the central city for a few hours. Even contemplating wearing my 2 inch heels is out of the questions.


I’m going to look like such a geek with my notebook and pen! Geek or professional? I need them because I actually have some questions I want to ask. I probably won’t take notes, but I wouldn’t put it past me at this point.

Right, time to pluck these eyebrows while watching Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Then I will most likely sleep.

Yay for 8am wake-up again! (I lie, I used to wake up at 6am. 8am is tame.)