Only meant to maim, or seriously injure.

After having a rather sleepless night, I managed to bounce out of bed just before midday.

That’s rather early for me, don’t you think? And bounce really isn’t the right word…

Roll, dump, groan, strain, struggle…

Well today, today, I ventured out in the big wide world that is Hastings. *shock horror*

So after a shower and all that jazz – I was wearing my new denim shorts that I bought with Christmas money from Farmers. They’re snazzy.

I then hooned it round the back roads to Havelock, because me being me, I was running late. Yay for the back roads, because if I hadn’t have taken them, we seriously would have missed the movie.

Got to Friends’s and we began walking the five minutes to the cinema.

There we were just casually walking and who do we bump into? But my old boss, or the ex-chief reporter at the Hawke’s Bay Today communities.

It was a very speak-of-the-devil thing because I had just been explaining how I was let go.

I said hello etc, but the entire meeting was so AWKWARD. Kind of wish I hadn’t seen her, or said hello.

Anyway, we continued onto the cinema for HARRY POTTER.

It was so exciting and the movie was absolutely amazing. I think they ended it in a very good spot that sort of created an ending.

Poor Dobby and Hedwig! Almost made me cry. But it didn’t, because my heart is black.

The only thing that I question in the entire movie is the fact Hermione put a memory charm on her parents. I don’t remember this happening in the book. Did it?

Guess I’ll just have to re-read it, actually them. I’m going to hunt all seven down in one of the several boxes that I still haven’t unpacked from moving back to Hell 12 months ago.

They’re all piled outside my bedroom door looking at me like a sad puppy, with sad puppy eyes. It is kind of pathetic that I never unpacked, but as you can probably guess, I wasn’t planning on staying very long, let alone 12 months.

So there they will stay. One day, when I actually manage to escape Hell, I will be thankful that I did not unpack them, because it will mean less packing! Always looking on the bright side, haha.

So I really enjoyed Harry Potter and was sad for it to be over. Bring on number two! I’m going to start counting the days. Actual.

We then started to walk back to Friend’s, but I got distracted by the sale at Zarb’s. Yes, they’re still open in Havelock with lots of cheap prices. I bought this awesome box that I saw months ago, when Zarb wasn’t closing down and I fell in love with at first glance, alas it was too expensive then, but a lot cheaper now!
I will put my CDs in it. I have many of them.

We then wandered round to her parents, where her Son was. Turns out he’s angry at me because I took Angry Birds away from him the other day when I was visiting. He’s four.


We then watched The Biggest Loser and had dinner. Then news time! Katie talked pretty much the whole time through the news, while I was trying to actually watch it. Some people just don’t understand my obsession with the news. Or, more, how much I’ve changed in the few years I’ve been at uni.
I’m a news addict – a media whore. Yeah, I went there.

Then it was home time, where I was met with the special Leader/Courier supplement, which took me more than a week to put together and got no credit for. My name is nowhere in sight.


So I am now relaxing in my cave on my comfortable bed, drinking coke zero and was watching that god-awful dance programme on C4.
Thankfully, that’s finished and I’m now watching Castle. 😀

Surprisingly, we just made the weekly shopping list and  it did not end in blood and guts been splatted on the walls this time. BONUS.

Tonight I foresee myself finishing watching Castle, then Sons of Anarchy (Jax OMG *swoon*) and then probably season 3 of Scrubs.

I might even dabble in a bit of cover letter writing, but doubtful.

Not. In. The. Mood.

4 thoughts on “Only meant to maim, or seriously injure.

  1. Hermione *does* put a memory charm on her parents in the book. I cried within the first 30 seconds and at least 2 or 3 other times, including over Hedwig and Dobby 🙂

  2. She mentions it in an argument with Ron and Harry – you don't actually see her do it. Harry is trying to be all noble about going off without them because they don't know what they're getting into, and Hermione tells him they know perfectly well, that she's packed this and that, and that in case they don't come back, her parents won't mind because they don't know they have a daughter. (Yes, I'm a Harry Potter nerd 🙂 )

  3. Hahahaha, that is awesome! I have let my Harry Potter nerd tendencies fail for Twilight of all things. *smh* Am going to dig them out of storage today!

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