What a year…

Well, this year hasn’t been that great. Frankly, I’m glad it’s almost over.

But, if it hadn’t have been for a shit year, I wouldn’t have been able to do some of the stuff I have done. There has been some pretty awesome stuff happen this year too.

So this is my year in review. Mostly it’s going to be photos and I’ll try and find one exciting thing from each month.

The Big Day Out. Got to spend some time in Auckland and hang out with my friend Natch. Also got to see Muse play. Tre awesome.

Then there was getting one of my photos published on 3news with the freak rainfall. It’s the small things, I guess. Thanks goes to Jono Hutchinson for seeing them on twitter.


I actually don’t think anything exciting happened in February, so let’s move right along to March, because there was much fun had that month.

paramore 018
Paramore kicked of the month of gig madness that was March. Followed was Backstreet Boys, Cobra Starship and Lady Gaga.

bsb 044

cobra 020

gaga 032

Skip forward a few months and I had a trip to Christchurch, where I met the most annoying cat ever. His name is Roddy. Seriously, most annoying ever. He can smell food a mile away and then gets all up in your grill.

roddy 001

And the one that liked to get in the way of everything…

charlie 002

A casual Sunday drive up Te Mata Peak, when the weather down below was crap-tastic, resulted in some pretty amazing views up above:

te mata peak 018

A trip to Auckland for the 30 Seconds to Mars gig. A dream come true. Had been waiting to see them live for years and they blew me away.

30stm 047
Another trip to Christchurch for my College House reunion allowed me to get back in touch with a few friends and make some new ones. I also got attitude from a cat and got to see the ‘quake damage first hand.

iphone 003

iphone 045

I also had to go to my horrible Intermediate Reunion where I knew nobody, except the photographer who I worked with.

I guess that’s another highlight, I finally got a job and was sent out to the far reaches of Hawke’s Bay for a story, where I got a chance at taking some awesome photos:



A trip to Wellington.


A trip to Auckland where I met some really cool people and saw the Santa Parade.

And I flashed my boobs for NZGirl for Breast Cancer, but that picture is not going to be shown here.

Lastly, I got me a fancy new hair do and said goodbye to my super long hair that I have had for years.


I then also lost my job :(, so I am starting 2011 just like I started 2010, unemployed and living with my parents. But this is going to change. I’m positive of it. I’m either going to get a job and all my hard work will have paid off, or I will be returning to AUT to do my Masters in Communication – for more hard work.

So look out 2011, you’re not going to be a repeat of 2010 and I am going to make it back to the city that I love – Auckland.

Bring on the New Year.

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  1. Give me pictures of Charlie. Stat.Or put them on a memory stick so that I can transfer them to my computer from 10th to 14th sometime.

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