Yeah, Nah, Yeah, Nah, Yeah, Na Na Na

My Chemical Romance have released their first single from their new album Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys “Na Na Na”.

It is different to what MCR fans will be used to. It is very ‘poppy’ but you can also hear elements of classic rock.

This comes from their second attempt at writing their fourth studio album. It would be awesome to hear what their first attempt was like, but, naturally, they will only do what they are happy with.

The guitar riffs are very catchy, it does get stuck in your head. This song could end up being a big hit. Even though it is a departure from what they have built their sound to be. You can still hear the very distinct vocals of Gerard Way though.

Unfortunately, what many people won’t have heard, is that Bob has left the band. Which makes one question who they have replaced him with on the drums. This makes me a sad panda, because I really loved Bob. He’s dreamy.

Their new album is due for release on November 22. I would say this in the international date, which is not always when it is released in New Zealand. So we will see.

I’m actually excited. It will be interesting to hear what else they have come up with.

You can listen to “Na Na Na” here.