Trying out a few new things.

Today I just felt like making some cupcakes, as you do.

It was more because I had said I was going to make a peanut butter and jam cheesecake to @nessliddell but then I forgot to check the recipe before I went to the supermarket. So that has been put off till next week.


Instead I found some Betty Crocker’s frosting, so decided to try it. This is a great find because 1) Did not know we had Betty Crocker in New Zealand, 2) I found it at Pak’n’Sav Hastings, which is well known for not stocking even basic products (like 600ml Cokes or Watties Sweet Chilli Sauce – I mean come on, it is bottled but a mere few blocks away!) and 3) It is so goddamn delicious. I could eat it with a spoon, just like nutella.

Also my dear friend @LittleIchiban brought me back some Minnie’s Bake Shop sprinkles from the US of A “cha cha cha”. So I thought today was a brilliant time to use them, because why have them, if you aren’t going to use them?

So I just made a basic vanilla cupcake recipe which you can find here.

Here is the end result: