Getting my rant on.

Paramore – having finally announced an NZ show, they still haven’t come up with the candy.

Over the last week or so there have been several music related things that have just ground my gears – I feel this may become a weekly thing, a series perhaps? Yay or Nay?

Chris Brown – Lil Wayne is not going to revive your career and if I can transform ya is a metaphor for your career, stop now because there is no way anyone will respect you any more, no matter what Phil Bostwick says. You sucked in the past, you suck in the present and the future doesn’t look very bright either.

Paramore are coming to NZ – the announcement came last week over twitter, but any details are still forthcoming. You’ve announced. You’re fans want to know the deets. Hurry up already. People have been waiting a long time for this – I know I have.

And what was with that pitiful second announcement for the BDO? Are they serious? They needed to announce a few more big headliners and everyone knows that the third announcement won’t have anyone big, just the little Kiwi and Aussie bands, which most aren’t worth seeing. This round – I’m only keen for Jet and The Veils. Then there is the controversy with Beanie Man – are they going to announce another act to replace him? Seriously. FFS.

Sean Kingston is back. I wish he wasn’t. Especially when he is number eight on the NZ top 40. Say what!? And what is up with the video? A cartoon version? Someone help us.

However, absolutely loving Gin “Oh My”. Enough said.

Finally picked up the New Moon soundtrack. First listen I wasn’t that impressed, but it is growing on me slowly. The music is different from the Twilight soundtrack, but as New Moon takes a sudden turn, the music fits the 180. Look forward to seeing the movie later in the week (!!!). Will post reviews of both when I get around to it.

Rant: DONE.