Turns out there is more new music, NAO, and I really have been living under a rock.

As it turns out, I have been living under a rock. After finding new Cobra Starship, I have now discovered the video for Paramore’s “Monster” and new Panic! At The Disco.

The rock must be really huge and obviously doesn’t get much internet.

So, Panic! At the Disco split in half. The half that kept the name returned to their original sound and are awesome. It’s like Pretty. Odd was just, well, just that – pretty odd. They’ve returned to the theatrical exaggeration that was A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out, but doesn’t  have the same catchy awesome sound. Both are on their new album Vices & Virtues.

The Ballad of Mona Lisa:


Ready To Go:


It’s weird to see Paramore with two less members. But they still have the same energy and punch they’ve always had. I really like “Monster” and the video to it is pretty awesome. Paramore always have epic videos to accompany their songs.


As long as you know that I’m God, we’ll be ok.

I am always so out of the loop, because I don’t really listen to the radio anymore. So when a band releases a new song, I’m usually the last to know. Or there is a new band… I just don’t really know what is popular on the radio anymore.

I know what bands I like and I know where to go to discover new music that I would like.

Anyway… it brings me to just casually discovering that Paramore have released a new song off brand new eyes.

I had NO IDEA.

They have released ‘Playing God’ and the video has debuted on YouTube this week. It’s very new, only about 900 views thus far.

Haley has dyed her hair pink – LOVE IT.

This song is one of my favourites off brand new eyes. When I first listened to the album, this was the one that really stuck out on that listen. So I’m glad they decided to release it.

The video essentially shows different ways that Haley is “playing god”… fitting.

There is one scene where she poisons her fellow band members. It actually reminds me of Lady Gaga ‘Paparazzi’. Whether this is a nod to her or not, who knows?

Watch the video below.

Month of massive gig madness. Mean.

Paramore at Waitakere Trusts Stadium

In what happened to be one of the best months I have had in a long time. March was filled with numerous international acts. Unfortunately I was unable to get to all of them, with my restricted income. Namely that of The Pixies. Now of which I find out the gig they announced in Christchurch is the same day as 30 Seconds To Mars. And as I cannot be in two places at once (lets admit, that would be pretty fucking cool) I once again miss them. Because there ain’t no way this bitch is missing Jared Leto and his tight tight jeans.

Anyway, the month of March contained a whirl-wind trip to Auckland for Paramore. Then the following weekend of insane madness for Backstreet Boys, Cobra Starship and Lady Gaga.

Paramore: It was totally awesome to finally see these guys live. We’ve only been waiting, oh, four years or so. Their albums do not do them justice. They are a band. Bands need to play live. ‘Nuf said. They sold out the first Auckland venue on the first day of ticket sales. It was then announced they were to move to a second venue and another allocation of tickets were to be sold. These also sold out promptly. Of course there was also the Christchurch gig the next night, which I hear was just as awesome. They played the usual hit singles – Misery Business, Brick By Boring Brick, Crushcrushcrush… ya get the picture. Also was a throw back to their first album, All We Know Is Falling. The Jury and the Saints opened for them. Another stand up Kiwi band. I personally love their catch phrase: “When you find someone else who hates The Beatles, U2 and Coldplay just as much as you. Start a band with that person.” – That’s my type of band. So first gig of the madness run was successful.

Backstreet Boys - chair dance!

Backstreet Boys: Oh swoon. If you thought these guys were awesome back in the ’90s, nothing has changed. They managed the same level of singing and dancing at this concert, that I expect they were doing 10 years ago. Afterwards, my voice was worse for wear from all the childlike girlish screaming and my eardrums were bleeding from everybody else’s childlike girlish screaming. They played the favourites – Everybody, Backstreet’s Back, Larger Than Life… But they also played the new from their latest album This Is Us (most of which I didn’t know, because I haven’t listened to their new album. Shocking, I know.) Overall, a good night of girlish fun spent with my sisters-from-other-misters (you know who you are!)

Good girls go bad at Cobra Starship.

Cobra Starship ft. Owl City: What a combo. Owl City opened. They were pretty fucking awesome. With their mini string section and shiz. Total respect there. But the fun really started when Cobra took the stage. This was the second time I’d seen them play (the first was with Panic! back in 2008) and I think they got better. Their third album isn’t the best – it has it’s moments, but their stage presence has most definitely improved. And being in the Auckland Town Hall was amazing. It was such a weird place to have a gig like Cobra, but that is what made it awesome. The only downside was the floor. I would suspect it is a dance floor, which has the extra bounce put underneath to give dancers help with their jumps. Unfortunately when you fill the floor with a mosh pit of people, you get an experience like being double jumped on a tramp. Uncomfortable. Fun, yes, but uncomfortable.

Mz Gaga.

Lady Gaga: OHEMGEE. Semi Precious Weapons opened for Mz Gaga. Rather fitting as they are just as provocative as she is. The most amazing part of the entire concert were the costume changes. I think it was 16 in total. Her singing was amazing, the full stage setting was amazing and the fact I got almost within touching distance of her, made it magical. Her stage show and presence were nothing like I have ever seen before. If you ever get a chance to see her, it is a must. It will change your life forever. EVER.

And that wrapped up the end of the massive weekend/month of gig madness I have ever been to. Needless to say I was exhausted. I could barely move without aching. I was sleep deprived and my voice was fairly non-existent. But as I like to think, if you still have your voice the next day, you didn’t scream loud enough.

She’s got her inner fierceness down.

The Only Exception

New music video for Paramore’s The Only Exception. This is not my favourite song from brand new eyes, but I like the video, it’s cute.

Plus I really want the dress Haley is wearing when seated at the table with the revolving door of men sitting down at her table.

Word is all the Valentine’s Cards were from fans. Fitting as this is the first and only love song that has ever been written by Paramore.

Can’t wait till their Auckland gig t-minus 12 days. w00t

Another brick in the wall? Shut yo’ mouth.

I know the video has been out for ages (this post has been sitting here unfinished for ages: go me!) but I just love it so much I thought I would do a little diddy praising it.

“Brick by boring brick” is something rather different, which I love when bands do something a bit out there. Plus it’s my favourite song from brand new eyes – it’s got some pretty decent beats. The theme of the video feels like Alice in Wonderland meets Willy Wonka meets something evil and disturbing (probably because the sky looks like it’s on fire).

I was a little shocked when I saw Haley had gone platinum blond, but it is totally awesome.

The lyrics “and we’ll dig a deep hole” fits in with the gravedigger. And I find it a little disturbing when the little girl falls into the grave and all Haley and the gravedigger do is throw in her doll followed by some dirt. Don’t know why but the words “Psycho Killer” just came to mind.

As you can see the unemployed thing is starting to create some major boredom, thus resulting in some below average blog posts. Weee!