Aussie Curves – Black and White

Black is my signature colour. I love black. White on the other hand is not a colour I have a lot of in my wardrobe.

It’s not that I despise white, but when I wear white, things tend to be spilt on my clothes. White is a stain magnet for me, which is why I tend to avoid it.

So for black and white week, for me, it tends to also mean stripes. So as an added bonus, this is also my stripes catch-up post. Yay!


This outfit is a fairly typical work outfit for me. Usually I will pair a top with jeans and add my blazer or cardigan. The top itself is a bubble-hem singlet. I actually have three of these now in different colours because they can easily be dressed up or down in summer, so I can wear them to work or with shorts over the weekend. Bonus is that they hide the lumpy bits and give me a smooth line. This might be in part to the fact it is double-layered material.


I paired the singlet with my new All Zipped Up skinnys. They fit really well and I love the zips. Unfortunately, the day I wore this outfit one of the zips got caught in the entry barriers at the train station and ended up ripping one of the zippers off. I’m yet to figure out how to re-attach it as I need something strong to force the metal back around the zip teeth. Pliers are most likely needed. Sometimes I wish I had my Dad’s toolbox handy.


I already featured this blazer in my Pink post and I actually can’t praise it enough. When I first bought it, it was a time when I really shouldn’t have been buying anything (in the few weeks before moving to Australia. Tsk tsk.) But I got it on sale, so all is justified, right? Anyway, it has become a staple in my wardrobe and I wear it multiple times a week. It has really been one of the best buys I have ever made. Also, I will reiterate, I think City Chic needs to make it a staple in their line, because black blazers are always a closet must-have. Plus the stripped lining is awesome.


I am wearing one of my new favourite lipsticks as well. It’s almost not a lipstick, it’s a lipgloss/lipstick mix. It’s L’Oreal Paris Shine Caresse in ‘Princess’, which I got from the October Bellabox. I love it so much that I went down to the Priceline make-up sale and bought it in ‘Milady’ as well, which is a purple-y colour compared to this coral-ish one.

This week has been so busy and hectic, I am so glad it is the weekend. I had good intentions of getting this post up earlier than today, but alas, apparently my social life decided to kick in. I actually can’t describe how exhausting it is when you go out three nights in a row and don’t get home until after 11 on all three nights. Anyway, that’s me for black and white week (and stripes). A bit of a shorter post than usual, but my brain is not functioning at 100% right now.

Make sure to click on the link below to see what the other Aussie Curves ladies put together for their black and white outfits.

Blazer, Singlet, Jeans: City Chic
Shoes: Target (gifted)
Lipstick: L’Oreal Paris Shine Caresse (from Bellabox)



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Jennifer Lawrence is the most amazing person ever.


Favourite Buzz

My favourite buzz this week goes to 37 Things to DIY Instead Of Buy For Your Wedding. It will be two years in January since Man Piece proposed and although we haven’t set a date or even really started thinking about it*, I’m always on the look out for interesting ideas to make the wedding a bit more ‘us’. I have the idea to DIY a few things in order to personalise things, but other than that I want a fairly simple plain non-extravagant wedding.

I really love the idea of ribbons on the back of the chairs.


Image credit.

Favourite Image

This article from Mashable has 17 Photographs That Display Perfect Symmetry, which was compiled from a Mashable challenge set for people to take photos with symmetry.

I think my favourite is this one of escalators:



Image credit.

Interesting Article

Reason 818** why I love Jennifer Lawrence:

You look like you look, and be comfortable. What are you going to do be hungry every single day to make other people happy? That’s just dumb.

A-to-the-men, sista. This interview with her as she promotes Hunger Games: Catching Fire is one of the best things ever. She basically tells the haters to go screw themselves. She is fast becoming my new favourite celebrity.

This photo might also play a part:



Image credit.

Fashion Love

This week’s fashion love has to go to the Swim+ Lookbook put together by Danimezza. I have flicked through it a couple of times now and am loving several of the swimsuits featured. Although I have already purchased new togs this year from Autograph (post to come later this week), I’m contemplating one or two more from this. Especially one of the Robyn Lawley pieces. I hear David Jones stocks them.

Grabby Hands

I’m really wanting a pair of crop black pants which I can wear with a nice heel for work. I’ve been looking around but can’t find too many. I’ve found one pair from Target in the new Bellecurve range and one pair from Autograph. Neither of these really look like what I am after. I think I might have to go try both pairs on because I might change my mind after that. Do you know of anywhere else stocking black crop pants in plus sizes?



I was actually wondering what I would even put in here for the video this week and then I saw in my Facebook timeline the new video for ‘Let It Go’ by Demi Lovato for the new Disney movie Frozen. Done. You get Demi again. Sorry, not sorry.

She is truly amazing and I totally have a girl crush.


*This is a complete and utter lie. I’ve planned the whole thing in my head. Man Piece is the one that hasn’t thought about it.

** I made this number up. Sorry, not sorry.

Aussie Curves – Peplum

I only own one peplum top. I never really jumped on the craze like everyone else, it would seem. Possibly because I was not 100 per cent sold on the first one I purchased, therefore never ventured forth to buy more.

But the one I did buy, I LOVE the colour of it. Now I’m not usually one to wear a bright colourful top. Usually I’m dressed in the blacks and greys. But when I saw this colour it screamed at me “buy me, buy me!” So I did.


It’s acid and I love it.

It particularly goes well with a pair of dark jeans.


I actually wore this outfit a few weeks ago and instagram’d a picture of it. The idea to wear it like this was inspired by one of Danimezza’s previous posts. I had never worn my peplum like this before, so decided to try it and loved it. This will probably carry on being how I wear it. Or with a pencil skirt, cause I have a few of those now.

The top itself is made of quite heavy material, so I never really want to wear something heavy on top. This light khaki jacket has been sitting in my wardrobe pretty much untouched since moving to Australia, I’m not really sure why as it’s pretty great. Also a perfect jacket which is light and covers my arms, but doesn’t really provide more warmth.

The only reason I’m not completely sold on the idea of peplums is probably because this one keeps riding up. A sure sign I probably needed to go up a size. But also while wearing this I’m very conscious of my tummy, which I don’t really want to be.

Peplum top: City Chic
Jacket: Autograph
Jeans: City Chic
Flats: Target
Necklace: Tiffany’s
Cuff: Actually ankle straps taken off a new pair of flats I just bought from Target.



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Things I Hate About Australia.

So, Man Piece and I have been in Australia for almost three months now and it would seem that the “honeymoon” phase of a new country/city is drawing to a close.

I’m starting to find more and more things that I hate about Australia/Sydney, which ultimately make me miss home like made.

So I have decided to make a list, just to get things off my chest and maybe, thanks to @thomasbeagle‘s suggestion, in six months time I will make a “Things I Love About Australia” list.

Here goes:

  • The coins – the fact they are so big and that there are still 5c pieces. 5c pieces are SO over.
  • The heat.
  • The humidity.
  • The people – the pure number of people and also, a lot of them can be right ol’ C U NEXT TUESDAYS.
  • The lack of EFTPOS, especially in small denominations. I also find it ironic how there are advertisements on buses saying, “EFTPOS, the way Australia pays” which is absolutely false.
  • The time it takes to get anywhere.
  • Nice places being shut on weekends, particularly around where we live in the CBD, cafes etc.
  • People not understanding my accent – it happens surprisingly often.
  • Lack of culture.
  • Alcohol pricing.
  • Not being able to buy alcohol in supermarkets.
  • Certain shops not being anywhere near the CBD, or any place that is even easy to get to. E.g. City Chic, Autograph, places like Kmart or Big W (which I find is a lot like the Warehouse)
  • There being no big red sheds! I actually miss going and getting bargains – Target (and even Myer) failed me today when I tried to go and buy a cheap hand beater and spring-form cake tin. I’m actually going to have to make a specific trip out to Macquarie Park now just to go to Big W to try and find them.
  • Not being able to split bills when going out for a meal with friends.
  • An outdated payment system for transport. Seriously, install a tap card system already, it is so much easier and allows flexibility.
  • The bugs, oh my god, the bugs.
  • The heat.
  • Non-air conditioned public transport, especially in 30° heat – which is often!
  • The huge number of homeless people – it is actually shocking – and how they constantly ask you for money and if you say, “No, sorry” they abuse you.
  • The noise – it’s enough to keep you up at night.
  • Having to walk everywhere – my feet are so sore ALL THE TIME – but the alternative is driving with EVERY OTHER SINGLE PERSON and not being able to find parking, or having to pay ridiculous parking costs.
  • Our shit came-with-the-apartment TV – where does a Celestial ChangHong TV come from, anyway?
  • The fact I sweat constantly now because of the heat. I feel gross ALL THE TIME.
  • The ridiculous price I paid for contraceptives at the pharmacy – I will be happy to pay the $5 price when I eventually return to NZ. Hell of a lot better than $25.

That’s about all I can think of right now. A few of those really got to me today and just seriously pissed me off. Especially the coin one – I was given $1.50 in change all in 10c pieces. If only there had been a homeless person asking for money in Chatswood. (It has now been put in our cute little Owl money jar.)

Australia is not all bad though, while writing this list, I have managed to think of things which are better than New Zealand, like the speed of internet and how awesome the public transport actually is, despite its payment methods and dodgy air-conditioning.

And even with all these things that I hate, which would probably make anyone re-think their decision to move to the Western Island, the one thing that is going to stop me going back right now is my job, because I am absolutely loving it.