Another brick in the wall? Shut yo’ mouth.

I know the video has been out for ages (this post has been sitting here unfinished for ages: go me!) but I just love it so much I thought I would do a little diddy praising it.

“Brick by boring brick” is something rather different, which I love when bands do something a bit out there. Plus it’s my favourite song from brand new eyes – it’s got some pretty decent beats. The theme of the video feels like Alice in Wonderland meets Willy Wonka meets something evil and disturbing (probably because the sky looks like it’s on fire).

I was a little shocked when I saw Haley had gone platinum blond, but it is totally awesome.

The lyrics “and we’ll dig a deep hole” fits in with the gravedigger. And I find it a little disturbing when the little girl falls into the grave and all Haley and the gravedigger do is throw in her doll followed by some dirt. Don’t know why but the words “Psycho Killer” just came to mind.

As you can see the unemployed thing is starting to create some major boredom, thus resulting in some below average blog posts. Weee!