Crazy good, or crazy bad?

I know I am way behind the times with this one, but I have to have this on my blog.

I was watching Ellen and she had Matt Damon on for the first time in her eight year history. As she does, she made a parody movie clip – “Matt Damon as Lady Gaga in Bourne This Way”.


Anyway, this reminded me that I still hadn’t watched the video for “Born This Way”. To youtube I went!

I have listened to the song, several times and I love it. It almost makes me want to get up and dance, which is not a common thing for me.

I don’t dance.

The video is so crazy and creepy! Like even crazier that Lady Gaga.

It’s like you measure crazy on a scale and Lady Gaga is up there at the “bat-shit-crazy” end, but still on the right side of “crazy-brilliant”, so it’s all good. Yanno, she’s just shy of “Charlie Sheen crazy”.

However this video makes me question whether she hasn’t flipped her lid and lost the brilliant part. The song itself is awesome, the video – is just insane.

You should watch it for yourself if you haven’t seen it.

Seriously, weird ass birthing type scenes. Blerg.

Obsessed song is obsessed.

I’m really loving Colbie Caillat and Jason Mraz “Lucky” right now.

I think it’s a combination of hearing it on Glee and Drop Dead Diva (two of my favourite TV programmes right now).

Can’t get enough of it. I also like singing along to it pretending I’m a singer or something.

We all do it. You know you do. Don’t laugh.

Sidenote: Blogger is being weird and won’t find the video to insert, so I’m just going to have to link it.


Official video for Lucky.

I listened to the radio and it wasn’t all that bad.

I was listening to the radio as I drove home from Napier this afternoon. Now for most people this is probably not something that surprises you. However, I never listen to the radio. Never.

I have gotten over all the shit music and I would rather listen to music that I like and want to listen to instead of trying to find the one song playing on the numerous stations that I like. Yeah.

So, listening to the radio today was fairly unusual for me. The only reason I was, was because my iPod died. Damn.

Here I was, listening, and Avril Lavigne came on. Not any old Avril, but apparently, her new single “What The Hell”.

I was like what the hell!? When did Avril have a new song? Well she does. I should really listen to the radio more often.

Haha, yeah right.

So I was listening and it’s actually quite catchy! A lot of Avril’s songs are quite catchy, but people usually mock her. I quite like her. There I said it.

However, she does look quite ‘white trash’ in the video. Whether that’s on purpose or that’s her style now, who knows?

But here’s the video. Judge for yourselves.

Rebecca Black ruined Bob Dylan?

THIS is the best version of Rebecca Black’s single Friday. I stand corrected.

I’m not obsessed. I swear.

I just really hate the song when she sings it.

It’s actually quite catchy when other people sing it. Yanno, people with less annoying voices.

I was just reading some of the comments under the video, so it’s actually a Bob Dylan song? Which she has completely ruined!?


I’m not a huge Bob Dylan fan, although I have listened to some of his stuff and do have some of his songs, I am unaware of this one.

If so, Rebecca Black has completely ruined a Bob Dylan song and should be ousted from the music industry forever.


Update: It’s a fake. Confirmed by OK Magazine. Pretty believable though, right?

Best version of the worst song.

This has to be the best version of Rebecca Black’s Friday I have heard yet.

A vast improvement on the original.

One thing that I keep meaning to question: If she’s only 13, you kind of assume her friends are 13, so how are they driving?

I don’t know about anyone else, but when I was 13 I didn’t have too many 16-year-old friends. If I did, they wouldn’t have technically been mine, but my sister’s, as she would have been 15 and somehow I doubt any of them would have given me a ride. Whether it was in their front seat or their back seat.

Thanks to pointing this one out @KSegedin!