I listened to the radio and it wasn’t all that bad.

I was listening to the radio as I drove home from Napier this afternoon. Now for most people this is probably not something that surprises you. However, I never listen to the radio. Never.

I have gotten over all the shit music and I would rather listen to music that I like and want to listen to instead of trying to find the one song playing on the numerous stations that I like. Yeah.

So, listening to the radio today was fairly unusual for me. The only reason I was, was because my iPod died. Damn.

Here I was, listening, and Avril Lavigne came on. Not any old Avril, but apparently, her new single “What The Hell”.

I was like what the hell!? When did Avril have a new song? Well she does. I should really listen to the radio more often.

Haha, yeah right.

So I was listening and it’s actually quite catchy! A lot of Avril’s songs are quite catchy, but people usually mock her. I quite like her. There I said it.

However, she does look quite ‘white trash’ in the video. Whether that’s on purpose or that’s her style now, who knows?

But here’s the video. Judge for yourselves.