It’s all about change.

I decided to start going through some of my journalism school stuff.

Partly because I really needed to find my shorthand book to brush up on it, but also because it’s been sitting there since the end of 2009 waiting for me to do something about it.

There’s not much that would benefit me now from the notes that I’ve kept, because I’ve been out doing the job. But there are things that I’ve decided to keep just in case I do need to brush up on some stuff.

For example, I haven’t done any court reporting since I was in the course. I’ve now found my notes and if I do finally get a job and end up doing some court reporting (because that would be awesome. I love sitting in court) I can just refresh, type thing.

When I came upon my court notes I actually had a thought of going and sitting in the District Court for a few days. I wouldn’t necessarily write anything for publication, but it could be a worthwhile exercise to brush up those skills.

I also fancy going and sitting in Parliament. Now that I probably could write about.

In going through all my notes I came upon the realisation that I missed out on a lot because of my depression. I passed the course and I did well. I had nothing but positive feedback from my tutors. But it was a lot of little things. I didn’t put 100 per cent effort into things because, for me, I just couldn’t. I kind of regret that now. Not getting the help I needed when I first needed it, but waiting till I was in the most stressful year of my life. Even then, I didn’t receive the proper help or the necessary time to essentially heal.

I did the course, I passed the course, but I floated through it like a ghost. And I’m starting to think that that is my downfall in getting a job.

Maybe I just wasn’t dedicated enough, or put in enough effort. But the fact is that I loved it. The course and the people helped me through. I need to write to feel sane. When I’m on my meds and I’m working at something I love, I feel normal. Currently, I don’t feel so normal. I feel like I’m floating through life, with no real purpose. Not doing anything significant.

I had all these plans after high school. I was going to get out of Hastings and out of New Zealand and never come back. But here I am, living with my parents again and haven’t set foot offshore since I was 12 years old.

It’s all about to change. I’m essentially moving to Wellington on Wednesday, with possible plans to move to Australia at the start of next year. But to do this I need a job. I want a job where I get to write, where I get to do something I love and do something that makes me feel normal. I just don’t know how to get that. I don’t know why people don’t want to hire me and I don’t know how to get the job that I want. I’ve started losing hope in ever finding a job in the journalism industry even though that’s the thing I want most in this world.

This post has deteriorated a bit. I guess that’s what happens when I don’t blog in awhile. Or just get writing. The words just end up writing themselves. They flow. I am the master of the written rant.

It’s action time!

Needless to say, this morning I was not feeling that flash.

I wasn’t extremely hungover, just in a very “I could demolish 10 cheeseburgers” hungover. No panadol was needed. That’s a bonus.

So I got me a zinger burger. Actually I got two. Actually I got a tower burger. Technically it was a zinger tower burger. Times two.



Today was a contemplative day. Basically thinking what should I do next? What is the next logical step in progressing, in getting another job? And where do I want to go in life?

Just a few questions that have been weighing on me today.

I had gotten into the thinking of moving to Wellington and now I might have to change that. I tend to have the habit of getting attached to things I don’t yet have and then become extremely disappointed when I don’t get them. Case and point: the recent job possibility.

So I have got a semi-plan.

Firstly, I need to ring WINZ, because currently I am not getting any money in and there are still things that I need to be paying for like my phone, and I am going deeper and deeper into overdraft. This needs to stop, because I worked so hard to get out of it in the last year.

Then, I will call and register with Adecco. Hopefully they will be able to tell me about more jobs that are going, or enlighten me to other jobs that I could be doing, while using my degree.

I will then put a call into one of my journalism lecturers to see if they know of anything going and also, because if I didn’t get a job, I was going to go back and do my Masters. But having thought about it, I really don’t want to. I’m ready to work, I want to work and studying right now would just not be productive for me. I will always have that option if I choose to do it, but right now I think it would be more beneficial if I could get more experience first. But I will discuss this option with lecturer as well, because it may be the only option I have.

I am not going to sit around Hastings for another year. There is no way.

Which brings me to the next thing I will do. I will apply for all the jobs on the job websites as possible that I think I will be suitable for. Even dabbling into the media consultancy positions.
But in the not wanting to sit around Hastings, I need to move on, even if it is not a journalism job. I will pick the city that I want to be in and I will find a retail position, hopefully. As that is really the only other job that I am trained to do.

But honestly, I’m a smart person with two qualifications behind me, I could possibly find something that I can still use those with. Like an assistant or something. I have wonderful communication skills, a very nice phone manner and I know my way around a computer.

So this is everything that I have been thinking of today. It’s good to get it out into the written word. I have also already applied for one job down in Wellington. Fingers crossed. I probably won’t hear anything from that until it closes in a week’s time.

The plan, I think, is good and it has stopped me freaking out about what I had to do next. So it is now time for me to sleep, because I have a lot of phone calls tomorrow and put the plan into action.

Soz for the long post!

Happy New Years, bitches.

I have done absolutely nothing today.

I had great plans of cleaning my room. It’s still a mess.

I have watched Eureka, Scrubs, Frasier, Scrubs, The Biggest Loser and now the news.

One good piece of personal news is that I have a job interview. First one for the New Year. It bodes well, I think.
It’s in Wellington and that’s all I will say for now. And yes, it is journalism related.

Got a bit drunk while out at some of my parents friends’ place. Four ciders is nothing to frown upon. At one point Mother told me to stop drinking. I just laughed. I am not going to stop drinking because Father is cracking open another one? Why do I always have to be the one that ends up being sober. Screw you Father, you’re driving.

And that he did.

Turns out I had drunk more than him, haha.
Also the only thing I had to eat today was dinner. Probably not the best thing to do when drinking… whoops.

So now I am once again sitting alone in my room, watching C4’s countdown to 2011 and my parents have gone to bed.
Does not bode well.

Forever alone.

Anyway, this poor tipsy one is going to snuggle down in bed and ring in the new year with a good book and twitter.

This post has been bought to you by Isaac’s Cider and the number four.

Happy New Year, bitches.

Excitement for me

Just a wee note to say I have been entered in the Best Feature for a postgraduate student category for the Ossie Awards (Student Journo awards for those not in the know). It is for my feature on provocation which we printed as the centre spread feature in our newspaper Te Waha Nui.
So fingers crossed for me! Will know at the beginning of December whether I’m successful.

Music and Cupcakes and… GO!

Hello interwebs!

Welcome to my blog – Music and Cupcakes. I am a young journalist – just starting out. This is where I will post what I enjoy most and any commentary I feel like writing.

The first part of my blog is music. I am a huge music fan and write reviews for any CDs I obtain and gigs I can get to. I’ll also cover anything else I feel needs covering or needs my expert opinion on – such as movies.

The second part of my blog is cupcakes, which can actually be expanded to all sorts of baking. I love to bake and people tell me I’m really good at it. So any baking that I do will highly likely end up on here as well – the recipe, pictures and tips on how to make them.

I’ll also include any commentary pieces I wish to write, which will probably be about anything that makes me fell outraged. And I won’t say no to any other young journos who want a place to post their thoughts.