Music and Cupcakes and… GO!

Hello interwebs!

Welcome to my blog – Music and Cupcakes. I am a young journalist – just starting out. This is where I will post what I enjoy most and any commentary I feel like writing.

The first part of my blog is music. I am a huge music fan and write reviews for any CDs I obtain and gigs I can get to. I’ll also cover anything else I feel needs covering or needs my expert opinion on – such as movies.

The second part of my blog is cupcakes, which can actually be expanded to all sorts of baking. I love to bake and people tell me I’m really good at it. So any baking that I do will highly likely end up on here as well – the recipe, pictures and tips on how to make them.

I’ll also include any commentary pieces I wish to write, which will probably be about anything that makes me fell outraged. And I won’t say no to any other young journos who want a place to post their thoughts.