"I mega-loathe you all. Good day!"

Once again, yesterday is today. I keep forgetting to do my posts. I must be getting distracted…


Today was a rather bad day. EMO.

Or, in the words of Dr Cox from Scrubs it was a “mega-loathe you all” day.

I just wanted to stay in bed all day and forget the world ever existed. But I got up and I stripped my bed so that I did not crawl back into it. That’s one way to solve that problem – make bed disappear.

I still didn’t leave the house though. But I did do things. Like washing and clean my room. I managed to clean half my room and go through a whole heap of clothes to get rid of. I will be taking them in to the Cranford Hospice Shop. I was quite brutal.

But in having removed my sheets from my bed, I discovered that my bed is actually so much better to lie on without any covers. Needless to say, I did lounge on my bed for a bit, even though I didn’t want to do that. Or wanted to stop myself from doing that. Of course I wanted to do that, I was in a mega-loathe you all mood.

In my lounging mood, I ended up reading a lot of stuff from Marie Claire’s website. It’s one that I tend to look at a lot, because they have some interesting articles and some good tips. Plus, I don’t buy Cosmo (like a *real* girl).

So I found this one article about your belly button smelling. This started to worry me – does my belly button smell? Is this something everyone should worry about?


They have even developed a spray so your belly button stops smelling – the naval fresh spray.


This is very much in need of the #firstworldproblems hashtag.Also, #unnecessary.

In continuation of my emo-mood, I tried to get out of it. I was quite disappointed when a turtle shaking it’s ass to ‘Satisfaction’ did not even make me laugh. Although now, after a good nights sleep (bar the 5.9 earthquake at 4am) the concept seems quite hilarious.

So anyway, after a mega-loathe you all day, I made my bed with sheets that smelled like sunshine and snuggled in to them.

Good day!

Wallowing, ahoy!

So, news of the day: I get to continue being an unemployed journalist!

I’m not actually excited about this, I’m extremely disappointed. So yeah, didn’t get the job that I interviewed for on Monday.


So today, after that, I just did some stuff around town – picking up a new ink cartridge for the printer and taking Mum to the doctor’s.


But then I got into a “let’s do something outrageous” mood and decided I wanted to dye my hair purple. Couldn’t find a good colour remover for hair or purple hair dye. However did find a red that you can put on dark hair and it takes the colour out and puts colour in at the same time.

But my hair is weird, and has regrowth from previously dying it black. So my roots are like bright red and then the ends are dark with the red tinge now.


We then went out to dinner at The Coffee Club. It was ok. I’m in a very ‘meh’ mood about everything today.

Then I went around to Benny Boo Boo Bear’s Purple Pimp Pad and we watched Inception on BluRay. ‘Twas awesome, but it is just as much of a mind fuck the second time round as the first, because you try to figure it out and can’t.

Now I have a headache and am watching Scrubs. And you can probably tell I’m still very ‘meh’. I haven’t gone to sleep yet, so I’m still allowed to be emo.