My debit card slipped, honest.

I *may* have made another ASOS order.


The clothes are so cheap! Don’t judge me.

Here is what I eagerly await: (Which reminds me, I should really do a follow up blog on my first order! Another day…)

T-Shirt Dress in Skull Print:


T-Shirt with Jewel Shoulder:

image1xxl (1)

Legging with Biker Detail:

image1xxl (2)

And lastly, this Cat Face Ring, OMIGOD:

image1xxl (3)

I made a few adjustments to sizing this time around, as I found the two t-shirts I bought in my first order were a bit too big and when worn actually super baggy.

Hopefully this lot turns up next week! (Along with the purchase I made from City Chic with the 20% off storewide.)