Drum roll please…

Once again, I have become rather slack on the blogging. This seems to be a recurring theme…

Anywho. I hope to try and blog a few more regular updates over the next few weeks, because, big news: Man Piece and I are moving to Melbourne!

Yip. We’re ditching the city of sails for the city of trams!


So in the next four weeks, yes four, we’ll be packing up our life in Auckland, fitting our belongings into two suitcases each and cross the ditch on one of those big things with wings.

We both finish work on August 24. That weekend we pack up the apartment (hopefully having sold most of our stuff) and head to Hawke’s Bay and Wellington to see family etc before flying out sometime that week.

But right now, I’m going to go through my shoes. Cause I have so many that they will not all fit in two suitcases… hard decisions are needing to be made.

Wish me luck!