Snot Watch: Day Four.

The production of snot seems to be easing. It is still there, but instead of blowing my nose every 5 minutes and running like a tap, the tap is now turned off and I blow it about every 10 minutes.

Progress, to say the least.

Energy levels are low to the point where I once again spent the day on the couch. Apart from a small excursion to orchestra practice! Yes, I might have mentioned I have joined an orchestra for a Halloween musical. We had our first practice today, in which Man Piece was ACTUALLY KIND TO ME in my sickness and dropped me off and picked me up. If he had have made me walk in the rain, well, there would be dire consequences.

He was a bit mean to me when he declined to go get me marshmallows. I still don’t have any. Hmph. *goes and sulks in the corner*

Today I had the added bonus of a sore neck. It feels something like a pinched nerve and I’m having trouble turning my head either way. Yay. It made playing the Flute today rather interesting. So while sitting on the couch, I have had the wheat pack on my shoulders trying to ease the pain and muscles to get it to stop pinching. After having taken panadol and more of the wheat pack, I think it is beginning to work.

I can only come to one conclusion of how it happened. I must have slept on it a bit funny last night and at some point would have coughed, causing it to do something weird which has resulted in the pain and decreased movements.

Yes, I am still attempting to hack up my lungs. I might even make it a world record and do both! I can just see me now in one of those circus freak shows: “The lady that lives without lungs!” “Oooooh.” “Ahhhhhhh.”

This is where my mind goes.

Today I have watched  Sunshine Cleaning, Colin Quinn Long Story Short and Easy A. I’ve gotten to the point where the days are starting to blur into each other and I can’t remember whether I watched The Proposal yesterday or today. Hmm.

Anyway, I think the lurgy is starting to ease up and I hope that tomorrow my energy levels might be getting back to some semblance of normal so I can go for a jaunt into town.

Today is Sunday, right?