I will persevere.

I know I have been rather absent lately. I apologise. It’s a hard road sometimes.

I was in one of my down/funk periods and if you haven’t realised by now when that happens I don’t tend to write. Think of it as me saving you from my emo ranting. I kind of knew one was going to come after I lost the constant that was Oh, The Scandal! but I’m getting back in to it.

I had a few more interviews and even though I didn’t get those jobs, my confidence has been boosted a bit. It seems kind of weird that that has happened, but hey, I’ll go with it.

I have another interview on Tuesday for a job which would be absolutely perfect for me. So I’m going to do heaps of prep for it and exude confidence. I possibly have another one next week too, which I’m just waiting to hear back on – I’ve already been contacted because of my application.

Currently you could probably say my moods are dependent on how good my job hunt is going. It’s just how it is.

I’ve come to realise over the last month or so that I am quite a determined person. I am going to persevere until I get a job. I might have set-backs and think that it’s not going to happen, but eventually it will. I will get a job.

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