It’s June!? Yikes. An update.

I haven’t been feeling that great over the last few days, you can probably tell.

And, to a certain extent, I’m still not. I’m not really sure what causes it, it just happens.

Right now, my mood probably has a lot to do with the lack of job prospects. It’s hard to stay positive when one after the other, you get job rejection upon job rejection. Whether you have had the interview or whether you have applied for one that you really wanted and you got nowhere with it.

I’ve kind of been in that phase for a wee while now, but things are starting to look up again.

I had a job interview last week, alas I did not get it. But this week I have some casual work, which will give me a bit of much needed money. And next week I have a job interview/testing for a job that I think will really suit me.

It’s amazing how little things can turn your mood right around. However, if I don’t get the job next week, I may be back to feeling a bit shit again.

But, after a month of having no money coming in whatsoever, I’m finally making headway with WINZ. I have an appointment next Wednesday to get it sorted and I’m hoping for back pay! Going into overdraft because you’re not earning anything is pretty lame. I haven’t exactly been spending anything either.

So I keep applying for jobs and hopefully something will stick. It has too.

When I was at AUT we had a career advisor come in to talk to us. She said it takes around nine months to find a job. If I go from when I was let go at my previous position, I’m now at six months. I’ve had five interviews. I’m starting to think that is a pretty good track record and I’m actually on track for getting a job. It just takes one.

Unfortunately I have made no more headway in my photography course. Yikes! And I need to finish it by the 29th. So I best get on that and do some tonight/every night and over the weekends. I’m not going to fail it and waste money. I will get it done. I will.

I kind of just realised that is is the first of June. Where they hell did that come from!?