Do you know how hard it is to come up with titles? Yeah. This hard.

It’s one of those days where I just feel blah.

I can’t decide what to do, because I have so many things that need doing and I don’t want to do any of them.

I couldn’t decide what to wear and I’ve already changed my pants once. I’m likely to do it a third time. And change my top because it’s getting cold.

An indecisive day it is. I just want to lie on the bed and sleep. Forgetting that this day ever existed.

It’s not often that I have these days. They’re few and far between. Sometimes it is better for me just to do nothing and wait for the mood to pass or the day to be over.

But I have so many things that need doing.

I have jobs to apply for. I have photography work that needs to be done because the deadline for my course is looming. I have blog posts to write and a potential article to research.

Yet all I want to do is climb into bed and read. Do nothing else. Forget the world exists.

But even if I was to do that, I would not be able to relax. There’s the small problem that I have no money whatsoever coming in and I still need to figure out a way to live. I’m sick of sponging of my parents. Even if they are not supporting me, I’ve just changed to sponging of Man Piece. I hate my situation right now.

Hate it to the point that I want to crawl into bed and forget the world exists.

Or maybe it’s just Sunday.