Showers and cameras. I don’t actually mix them.

Showers are weird. Have you ever thought that? They’re actually weird.

How did they come about? History shows most people bathed in baths or had pots of water and cloths. I guess, thus the term “bathing”.

How did we evolve to stand under a spray of water?

It’s actually kind of absurd when you think about it.

Yes I have some random thoughts, but I think this one sprung from Sister finally being able to have an actual shower again.

Since the February 22 earthquake her and Brother-in-law have been using wet-wipes, bowls, flannels, showers in a can etc etc. Their hot water cylinder has finally been fixed and they can *technically* shower again.

Whether the water is safe or not is another question, but it’s not like they’ll be drinking it, right?


There’s a wiki page on the history of showers. The idea originally came from waterfalls (no surprises there, they are nature’s shower after all). Ancient Greeks were the ones to basically form what would look like the modern shower. However with the introduction of Christianity, washing ones self became a taboo.

Bloody Christianity – it has to be the biggest conspiracy of it all (but that’s possibly another discussion for another day).

It wasn’t until the 20th century that they because a common thing again.

I’m now wondering why the hell I felt the need to actually google “showers”. I actually did it. How do you think I found the wiki page?

Yes, feel free to commit me to an insane asylum now because I have just written an entire post about showers.

Maybe I should elaborate about the rest of my day?

Not much at all except, I can has new camera! Canon EOS 1000D with twin lens kit. I don’t have it yet, but I can go pick it up on Thursday. They didn’t have any in the Hastings store of Noel Lemmings, so they’re getting one in. Not sure where from. Probably Napier. They guy obviously wanted the sale though.

Ended up going to Noel’s because Harvey Norman’s had sold out and they person who told us this was not very helpful. Obviously, having an advertised special, once they sell out they get no more in. How ridiculous.

I went round to see friend with kid tonight. I think I’m allergic to cats. She has two tabby cats. The kitten really likes me and wouldn’t leave me alone. I sneezed a lot while I was there. I still am. My eyes are itchy, my throat feels weird and my hands are itchy and have these little white bumps forming on my fingers. :-/

My nose is now completely blocked.

I think I need to wait to try and sleep until the allergies have settled down a bit. So I might try and do another blog post or two on my other blogs and maybe some photography work.

I’m finally getting into it again and I can’t wait to start taking some awesome photos with my new camera. I’ll probably be putting them up on Tumblr, but I will link that if I feel like it. I’m undecided.

Camera was a birthday present from parents. My 24th birthday present. Sigh. 24.

I has to be a grown-up now?