My descent into Hell…

Previously on A Day In The Life Of An Unemployed Journalist…


I just thought that would be an interesting introduction. I haven’t written since Saturday, so I’ll catch up on a few things.

Here’s what you missed:

Sunday I woke up and Man Piece made me crepe/pancaky things. They weren’t thin enough for a crepe, but not thick enough for a pancake. Thus the double naming. We put lemon and sugar on them.


I *might* just keep him around for a bit.

We got all packed up and got on the road back to Hell (if you haven’t caught on yet, Hell = Hastings. As in, my own personal one).

Four hours later we arrived in Hawke’s Bay. I even let Man Piece drive, mostly because I was so ridiculously tired and just wanted to close my eyes. Turns out that was possibly a bad idea.

He likes to push a few boundaries. He definitely pushed those of Chewy, getting the poor old rust bucket up to *cough*140*cough*

We had to go drop off some server thingys to one of Man Piece’s colleagues. In return for this, we got petrol paid for. Yay! *wavy hands*

For the rest of Sunday night, we just blobbed. We watched The Book of Eli, which I was told had a pretty awesome ending, and sure it was, but I expected more. I think I need to watch it again.

Monday, I did nothing. Actually I lie, I watched Letters to Juliet, which is mostly nothing. I didn’t really get out of bed until 4pm-ish.

I then went and met Man Piece at Te Pania Hotel, where we were staying the night.

Swanky. I should have swiped the soap.

We went for dinner at Lone Star. Where I had the unfortunate event of eating corn.


I was unaware that there was any in the chicken tortilla that I had ordered. Although the kahlua and mars bar cheesecake and lemon meringue pie made up for it.

The rest of the night involved occupying Man Piece enough so as not to turn back to his laptop.

He’s even named it Snagglepuff. We have a love/hate relationship.

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