Soz for being all absent and shit.

I know I have been absent this past week. Have done zero posts, even though the premise behind this blog is a blog a day in my mundane life.
Well, I haven’t been feeling that flash in the last week. I’ve been quite emo and I really didn’t want to write anything. Particularly something that I may regret writing and having published on the internet at a later date.
I’ve been experiencing a lot of internal conflict in my mind of wanting to do my own thing, but then being there for Mother, who is still having a rough time after eye surgeries. It’s a fine difficult line to walk and it’s been taking it’s toll on me.
Basically I just needed some time away from the blog and sharing all my events/thoughts of the day.
Nothing much has happened in the last week anyway, so you haven’t been missing out on much.
Except, I did start writing for Oh, The Scandal! So I’m getting some more online writing experience that can be added to my CV, albeit unpaid. Surprisingly I’m okay with that.
So this week, I hope to resume my blog a day. I know it is Tuesday, but I will start again later this afternoon/evening with a post about yesterday and then carry on with one about today.
Here we go again…