Warning: shutter bug approaching.

Today, today. What have I done today? Is it weird that I don’t really remember?

I don’t remember what time I got up, all I know is it was after midday. Absolutely shocking.

What I did do, and spent most of the afternoon/evening on (until now, when I’m writing this thrilling review of my day) was finally dig out my photography notes and get the camera going.
I managed to complete another module. *happy claps*

It’s only taken me several months. I’m not going to tell you the exact number because that is far too embarrassing.
However, my job was to blame. Didn’t have much free time to do it when I was working, but now I’m not so I have the time. Also thinking that if I’m to get another job, I’ll not have the time again so I need to try and get through as much as possible before that said thing happens.

So this week is a week full of photography. Good oh.

I’m going to take a mental picture of you all. *click*

You can look at my photos if you know where to go. *cough* tumblr *cough*