There’s no escaping…

Escape the Fate is back again with a new self-titled album (still to be released as far as I can tell, but I’ll update once I know.)

The first single “Issues” is already up on youtube inclusive of video. It seems like same ol’ ETF, but you can tell from the outset it is not as spectacular as past single “The Flood”.

I knew as soon as I first heard “The Flood” it was an amazing song that I will still be listening to in several years time, but with “Issues”, I just don’t feel that. After only one listen I’m very much in the “meh” column. But before I pass a final judgment, I’ll listen a few more times. It is sure to grow on me.


I am a little bit confused, mostly because I’m getting my information from Wikipedia (good one!), so naturally confusion follows and I shouldn’t take the info I have as fact – there is another single, from the same album titled “Massacre”.

Currently it is an audio only version, but will probably be followed by a video. It’s much more screamo than I was expecting, but it is called massacre – just wasn’t prepared for the massacre on my ears.

Note to self: turn it down.

Once again, at first listen, it’s nothing too exciting, but appeal will likely grow.

I just can’t hate Escape the Fate, it’s in my blood to like them. My dark and twisty emo blood.