What happened to War?

So, yes I admit, 30 seconds to mars are one of my favourite bands. I honestly don’t know why. Perhaps their music speaks to me like so many others. Or it could just be because of Jared Leto. I’d do him.

But lately, they have been confusing me. They released a teaser for their new video ‘This is War’ and I’m pretty sure it’s being getting air play. I donut know. Because I donut listen to ze radio. It is bullshit.

But then! A video for ‘Closer to the Edge’ has been released. Um? Jared, you’re dreamy and all, but why do you confuse me so? Me no likey being confused.

Then there is the second teaser for ‘This is War’ – so when are we going to see it!?

Teaser number 1:

Teaser number 2:

Closer to the Edge:

As much as they confuse me, I cannot hide the excitement I have about their upcoming gig. Finally they are coming to Noo Zeelond. Been waiting years for this. Weeeeeeee! Countdown is on. Etc etc, blah blah.

I wonder if I can convince Jared to whisk me off to the States as his Kiwi bride?