30 seconds to risque

30 Seconds To Mars have released the music video for ‘Hurricane’ from the album This Is War.

It has already been banned from TV in it’s original form, with a censored version needing to be played.

Having watched the uncensored version, I honestly don’t know what the fuss is about. But this is probably because I’m actually of age and don’t find any of it disturbing. I do, however, understand how some may do and how it might not be entirely appropriate for anybody under the age of 18.

However, looking at it for what it is, it is another very interesting video from the band. Directed by Bartholomew Cubbins aka Jared Leto, it is reminiscent of the video for ‘The Kill’ – a previous single from the band.

It also follows the band’s tradition of making really long music videos, clocking in at 13:09. This will be cut down for TV, on can only assume.

I warn you, it is NSFW, and if you’re under 18 you probably won’t be able to watch it, I don’t think. Or more, you probably shouldn’t. (This unfortunately is the censored version #sadpanda)

I’ve been rather la-zy.

It’s been awhile since I last posted anything about Music or Cupcakes (read: baking). Not much has happened, but I’ll do an overview of the last few months.

30 Seconds To Mars: Their first NZ gig was awesome. It was fantastic to finally see them live, because the live show was more than any fan could want. Including Jared coming down into the back and being but an arms length away *swoon*. I could see the sweat.

I made some cheese scones. They were nom.

Inception: Wow, what a complete and utter mind fuck. It was brilliant. One of the best movies I have seen in a long time. Christopher Nolan is fast becoming my new favourite director. Plus Joseph Gordon-Levitt grew up good!

Eclipse: What a disappointment. It was far too sappy and sweet made me want to /vomit. Seriously, gag me.

Eclipse soundtrack: They’re trying too hard to be cool now. Just does not float my boat. It’s gotten too big for it’s own good.

That’s all I can remember for now. Once again I say, this is turning over a new leaf, I will blog again! Wahhhh!

What happened to War?

So, yes I admit, 30 seconds to mars are one of my favourite bands. I honestly don’t know why. Perhaps their music speaks to me like so many others. Or it could just be because of Jared Leto. I’d do him.

But lately, they have been confusing me. They released a teaser for their new video ‘This is War’ and I’m pretty sure it’s being getting air play. I donut know. Because I donut listen to ze radio. It is bullshit.

But then! A video for ‘Closer to the Edge’ has been released. Um? Jared, you’re dreamy and all, but why do you confuse me so? Me no likey being confused.

Then there is the second teaser for ‘This is War’ – so when are we going to see it!?

Teaser number 1:

Teaser number 2:

Closer to the Edge:

As much as they confuse me, I cannot hide the excitement I have about their upcoming gig. Finally they are coming to Noo Zeelond. Been waiting years for this. Weeeeeeee! Countdown is on. Etc etc, blah blah.

I wonder if I can convince Jared to whisk me off to the States as his Kiwi bride?

Mars is coming.

I have this in poster form. It will now be adorned with a concert ticket.

It has finally happened. 30 Seconds to Mars are coming to New Zealand for one show only. I am so excited. Words on a page cannot show my excitement – just like you can’t read sarcasm in text. And I don’t like using exclamation marks because they are overused and ridiculous. This is a lie, but why would you trust me?

But I am not being sarcastic in this moment, contrary to my personality. 30 Seconds to Mars are one of my favourite bands. Their music is awesome, but yet a lot of people bag on them because they say Jared Leto is a douche. Well he’s not.

He’s dreamy.

And he’s coming to New Zealand. Swoon, girls, swoon. (Yes, I am one of those swooning girls.)

Pre-sales start tomorrow. I’m so there. If I don’t get one, someone’s going to die. Because it will mean I have to get up before 9am on Thursday to try to get one. Note: my wake up time is never before midday. If anyone asks, there is no nine in the morning. When someone mentions there is one, my reply usually is: “They make one of those in the morning too?” I’m allowed this liberty, because I’m unemployed. I blame the economic downturn, which has affected the journalistic job market. Others blame laziness. I’m okay with that.

In commemoration of 30 Seconds to Mars finally coming to New Zealand and the start of their ‘This Is War’ tour, I implore you to change profile pictures/avatars etc (whatever the fuck you want to call them), to the Triad, which you can find on my Twitter page:http://twitter.com/splatdevil, just click on mine (Note: This is my attempt to gain more followers, because it would be really easy to just insert a picture, but I don’t want to. Why should I when I can use this opportunity for personal gain? Don’t judge me.) I’ve also done it on Facebook, but that’s private. You can’t go there. Unless you’re a friend. And I’m selective of my friends. Deal with it.

What was the point of this post again?

Oh yeah, 30 Seconds to Mars. Their latest single is, in fact, This Is War, and the music video has been recorded and due out soonish. When it is, be sure to check back for my views on it. For now, you will have to settle for The Kill as the attached video, because there is a moment when Jared Leto is face-to-face with himself and the only words that ever come to mind then are “HOOK UP”. You’ll see. Just watch.


This is war. Are you ready?

This is war begins with a ride.

30 Seconds to Mars are back (yay!) and after all the legal struggles they have been through have managed to produce another album, set for release on December 8 (here’s hoping that means NZ too.) The first single, Kings and Queens is set out like a movie and is once again the work of Bartholomew Cubbins.

I personally have been waiting a long time for this. I fall into the category of liking 30 Seconds to Mars for more than just Jared Leto. They actually produce some pretty amazing music as well as producing some fantastic videos for said music andKings and Queens is no exception (From Yesterday is one of the most expensive videos ever made clocking up a $13 mill price tag.) Although I have yet to hear it play the airwaves and it probably won’t get featured on C4 until the CD is released or some other such’n’such nonsense.

Anyway, the video for Kings and Queens has dropped and is directed by Bartholomew Cubbins – probably one of the worst kept secrets of the music industry he actually is Jared Leto, but can also be found as a character in a Dr Seuss book The 500 hats of Bartholomew Cubbins.

Titled “The Ride”, the video follows several hundred cyclists through the streets of LA, led by the band with most wearing comical attire. Breaking up the ride are scenes of the band playing atop, one would expect, a building. It has images of the California hills’ fires and a cyclist getting hit by a car, but then getting up and continuing his ride.

One question I have is, what is with the white horse galloping along the street? Seriously. FFS. And that dude on the really tall bike must have been scared shitless at some point and how in the world did he get up there?. I totally WANT ONE.

Also, how did they manage to shoot scenes of deserted LA street? Sure it was dark, so therefore less traffic, but come on this is LA there can’t just not be any traffic – even Auckland at 3am in the morning has traffic. I’ve just always wondered how they did it, because there must be a way.

And, thankfully, Leto has tidied himself up a bit, because his appearance in recent months has just been shocking. Shocking I tell you.

The video even clocks up an awesome 8:55 length, which you know is going to be cut once it makes it on to music channels. Do music videos really need to be this long? But this is what 30 Seconds to Mars do – From Yesterday (the full version) was 13 minutes long, I guess a million a minute. But it all adds to the listening/watching experience. Their ideas for videos are always well thought out and produced to perfection. Watchers and listeners are transfixed by the video, they don’t even realise how long one is.

I say kudos 30 Seconds to Mars. Kudos indeed.