Not just another brick in the wall.

This review first appeared in AUT University’s student newspaper Te Waha Nui.


When Paramore announced they were cancelling six shows on a European tour because of “personal issues” it looked like the end for a band that was only just making the big time. But with a break and another member added to the group they are back with their third album that blows all doubt about their existence out of the water.

Brand New Eyes shows Paramore aren’t just another band trying to stay in the lime light after their break-through album Riot! It shows they are here to stay, so move over No Doubt, you’re old school. Meet your replacement.

The first single off the album, Ignorance, is set to take over the summer airwaves as the song to rock out to. As the song goes “ignorance is your new best friend” – if you haven’t heard it yet, get to know it intimately as it’s going to be around for a long time.

As any album produced by Rob Cavallo, who has fashioned such albums as Green Day’s American Idiot and My Chemical Romance’s The Black Parade, it holds great expectations – ones that are met and exceeded, exponentially.

Brick By Boring Brick has been announced as the second single off the album, but yet to hit airwaves. It is definitely not a boring brick. Everything about it creates imagery that many a song never manages. The line “ripping wings off butterflies” serves as the inspiration for the album cover.  These guys really know how to pick their singles – it is a great follow up to Ignorance, making two of the strongest songs on the album probably the two best songs to rock the summer with.

Brand New Eyes is a great mix of the typical Paramore rock, but they show their fluffier side with The Only Exception and Misguided Ghosts by going acoustic.

Fans will be happy to know Decode, the song Paramore wrote for Twilight, is a bonus making up this 12 track album.

Brand New Eyes is more adventurous than Riot! and is Paramore’s re-invention album, which cements them as one of the best bands of current times.

This is the summer album, if you don’t have it; you’re just another boring brick.