How do you like dem apples


I have always been anti-apple. Always Windows and usually the top of whatever I needed (Dad always knew which.)

That was until last year. I started to use Apple computers, albeit with Windows and they were so nice. I still don’t like the OS, but I can no longer deny the beauty of an apple computer.

That feeling has grown. I had never owned an Apple iPod until last year either. Having had many problems with other mp3 players I decided to go with what was thought of as the best brand.

Yeah… it lasted a good 12 months and then completely crapped itself.

However, I was still convinced to buy another. They do make one 0f the best mp3 players, even if they may not last that long.

As soon as I saw the new touch nano, I fell in love with it. I had to have one. So I did. This time investing in an extended warranty. So if it is to shit itself like my last one, I get a full replacement, basically no questions asked.

Now that is awesome.

So the new touch nano is so tiny. Barely bigger than a postage stamp, seriously. Whenever I stick it in my bag, I can never find it. I have taken to clipping it to my shirt now, because it is basically a massive clip. No more need for those pesky arm bands when you want to get out and do a bit of exercise with music. Whoever thought of doing that deserves a gold star. Or an apple… #seewhatIdidthere

The touch screen is exactly like an iPod touch or iPhone, so smooth and easy. But is it just the basics of an iPod. Strictly music, with the bells and whistles that now come with an mp3 player – radio, pedometer, clock…

The albums, songs, artists etc are now icons on the screen and during play, pause, repeat and shuffle are just merely a touch away. Sliding to the right takes you back, very handy.

There are only three buttons. The main button, which turns the pod on and off and the up and down volume buttons.

Another handy trick is when placing two fingers in opposite corners you can rotate the screen to whichever way you want/need to look at it.

You probably do need to see it to understand how awesome it is, but I would recommend it if you are in the market for a new mp3 player. Once again, apple has redesigned the mp3 market. Or, at least in my opinion they have.

Having just praised apple on their mp3 players, I will do it again with their phones.

My last phone was a Panasonic VS2. I had that puppy for four and a half years. It served me well.

Then it died.

It didn’t take much for me to decide on what phone I would get. I hadn’t liked any other phone that had come onto the market since I bought my trusty old Panasonic, but playing with Dad’s iPhone, I could see the benefits in having one for work purposes (I am now a journalist with an iPhone. Keeping that stereotype alive then, aren’t I?)

I was just going to get a 3GS, but then, when I finally had saved up enough money, the iPhone 4 was released. So I decided to just go for broke and get one. Despite some of the bad press it has had.

I have had no problems with it. It is just fantastic and a much needed upgrade from my previous phone. I honestly don’t know what I would do now if I did not have it.

Yes, it is now an extension of myself, I barely go anywhere without it. There have been jokes about me getting too attached to it. I know where to draw the line though, I hope.

I guess you could say I am now officially an “Apple fan girl”. Except I will not wait in a ridiculous line to get my hands on their newest product. I’d rather be patient and give it a couple weeks. It would just be a waste of my time otherwise. I got livin’ to do!

And if someone were to throw an iPhone 4 off a bridge. I would not jump off as well to save it. I might be an apple fan now, doesn’t mean I’m stupid.