This post contains ALL the things (plus I couldn’t think of a headline)


Where to start this week?

How about a picture of Joseph Gordon-Levitt cuddling a kitten?


Or this video of metronomes ticking out of sync and then slowly ticking as one. It’s pretty cool. It’s science!

J.K. Rowling announced a new Harry Potter universe film series based on Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them. It will be epic.

If you’re confused about what is going on in Syria, this is the best read out there and explains it in pretty simple terms.

Julianne Moore has been cast in Mockingjay as President of District 13 Alma Coin. I’m not sure how I feel about this. I may have to read the book again to see if she fits, but it is Hunger Games, so it *should* be good.

Miley Cyrus released her video for Wrecking Ball and while it has caused controversy, (honestly, why would you make a video of you riding a wrecking ball naked?) I do actually like the song. Don’t judge me.

This is a good read on plus-size models and begs the question as to why plus-size clothing isn’t modeled by those who are actually “plus-size”.

Last weekend I binge watched Orange is the new Black and have since been reading up on the real life of Piper Kerman. I’ve already found a copy of her memoir by the same name, so it is next on my reading list, but there are a few articles I’ve found which are good reading.

From Marie Claire: ‘Life Behind Bars’
From The New York Times: ‘Prison: Day 1’
From Marie Claire: ‘The Mistake That Nearly Cost Me Everything’

Finally here a few images of a bunny with tiger cubs from The Guardian this week. It’s like they want to play with it and not eat it! Nawwww, bunny.

Zoo uses live rabbit to stimulate hunting instincts of baby lion, tiger and leopard, Shandong Province, China - 10 Sep 2013


Welcome to my life.

My day started at 1pm. Yes. You read that correctly. I did not emerge from my cave until 1pm.

But what do you expect from someone who is unemployed? Down on their arse, nothing to do and was kept awake most of the night by the extreme wind and heat that decided to hang around like a bad smell?

Didn’t think so.

The day didn’t progress much from there. I partook in the normal human condition of having to feed my face (turkey, camenbert, cranberry all in a nice wrap and a piece of fudge on the side) as well as guzzling the several glasses of coke zero that I need for my body to keep functioning at normal levels.

Retreating back to my cave of a bedroom I watched the original Fame. Now, I have seen this before, but it was actually super boring. Why do people make such a big fuss about it?

Honestly. BORING.

I hate to see what they did with the remake. I thought there would be more performing like in High School Musical, now that is awesome and what a movie about singing and dancing should be like.

By the time this had finished, I was able to watch the American version of The Biggest Loser. I don’t agree with the ways they lose weight, but it is rather hilarious to watch as you shove toblerone into your chomps while Bob and Gillian are yelling at contestants to get their arses moving.

Six pm then meant news time and as a media junkie, I got my daily dose of news from TVNZ.

I ❤ them.

Then I proceeded to feed my face again with bacon, avocado and cheese burgers. Plural. Two.

Anyone else thinking fatty, fatty, fatty?

Just me then…

I proceeded to rot my brain, as my Grandparents would call it, by watching Parks and Recreation: “I’m really hot, can we take a break?” “Ok, let’s blow in each other’s faces.”

Then I decided to finally have a shower. Because I can wait until 8pm to get clean and smell like a peach again. That’s just the way I roll. The unemployed way I roll.

Yeah, you’re totally jealous of my life right now aren’t you?

I caught the tale end of How I Met Your Mother and finally realised this post is rather self absorbed and boring (glass shattering).

For the evening, I foresee myself watching The Event, The Big C and then probably some of season 2 of Scrubs and probably The Young Victoria.

I’ll try and sleep around 2am while listening to Miley Cyrus’ “When I Look At You”, but toss and turn and wake up numerous times until I decided to haul my arse out of bed at some point tomorrow morning.

Welcome to my life.

Getting my rant on – week 2

So, finally Paramore have announced the dates for their New Zealand tour – March 4 and 5, Auckland and Christchurch. What I want to know is why are they having the Auckland gig at the Telstra Clear events centre? Seriously hard to get to much?

Owl City have been announced as openers for Cobra Starship’s Auckland gig. Now at first I had no idea who this guy was but on further investigation found he is actually super awesome. Think a young Postal Service = RAD. Single “Fireflies” is definitely worth a listen.

Also realised Cobra’s gig is the same day as The Pixies – wonder which I will go to? Probably Cobra as I think Pixies is sold out.

This Is It – finally went to see it, in its last week of viewing. MJ is amazing and it is hard to believe that he was having so many problems in the lead up to his death. I would imagine anyone doing as much dancing and singing as he was, would not have insomnia.

The biggest controversy of this week has been Adam Lambert’s performance at the American Music Awards. After searching Google and YouTube for hours and unable to find a video to show me what actually happened (thanks Dick Clark Productions making copyright claims – you make my life so easy), I came upon a crappy TiVo-ed video camera-ed version. What was supposed to be a S&M-themed performance of Lambert’s debut single “For Your Entertainment” has caused controversy because he kissed a male, fondled his back-up dancers and apparently gave the fingers to the audience (I totally didn’t see that). All I have to say is: GET OVER IT. IT’S NOT THAT BIG OF A DEAL. As for his song, didn’t really like it, but I may buy his album, just for shits and giggles.

Oh joy. The Feelers are doing another summer tour. Yawn.

Stan won Australian Idol. If you didn’t want to know who won till Friday, tough. Not like it’s been kept a secret. TV One ran a piece on Monday, it was a trending topic on Twitter and 20/20 has a piece on Stan’s past. The media has not made it easy to avoid finding out. I’m just thankful that blond chick didn’t win, because seriously, she butchered a Fall Out Boy song a few weeks ago and didn’t deserve to win.

Loving Miley Cyrus “Party in the USA” – it’s just so catchy. But you don’t gain any cred for mentioning Jay-Z or Britney.

Also bought Gin’s album, still haven’t really listened to it, but what I have, it is really good.