My failed hair experiment… Kind of.

After reading this article on The Independent, I decided to try not using shampoo.

I’ve been thinking about doing something with my hair for awhile now, because I haven’t liked the way it has been looking. I haven’t had it professionally cut in more than a year, instead of opting for the do it yourself hair cut, which has had some interesting results. (I may have accidentally created a fringe one time, but everyone said it looked great.)

My hair is quite dry and breaks very easily, probably from all those years of dying it black. However, my hair is not black anymore and is more my natural colour than it has ever been. It even has a reddish look about it.

Anyway, back to the no shampoo thing. After reading the article, I decided to stop washing my hair. No shampoo, no conditioner, just rinsing it under water. The first few days were ok. My hair was looking slightly oily, but was not actually that bad. In the article it said it would take about 10 days for the natural hair oil to calm down a bit and stop producing as much. Unfortunately, I did not make it that long.

Hair after a few days of not washing with shampoo. Notice it does look a bit oily.

I lasted 7 days before I caved and shampooed and conditioned my hair. Afterwards, my hair felt fantastic. It was soft, shiny and just looked all-round fabulous.

But after a few days of shampooing and conditioning my hair again, it started to look lackluster and dry.

Somehow I have ended up shampooing and conditioning my hair every second day, with adding oil to it the night before I wash it again. My hair seems to be ok, but I’m still not satisfied. It is still quite fragile.

So I don’t really know what I’m going to do with my hair in the long run now. I know it definitely needs a cut, so I may attempt that again.

My hair today after straightening it with a GHD – best by far.

It was an interesting experiment to break from the norm though. How cowboy-ish of me.

How often do you wash your hair? Have you given up shampoo? What do you think is the best way to care for your hair?

Unemployment feeling: bliss.

Well, it is done. My life is once again packed up in boxes. It took an entire van load to pack it all up.

It’s official: I have too much stuff. Once I get to Hawke’s Bay (August 31), I will be going through all those boxes and getting rid of stuff. Somehow I need to get it down to about two suitcases of stuff to take to Melbourne.

Although there will be a few boxes left at my parents because it is stuff that is not going to lose value over time and I will use it once I come back to New Zealand. Which I do plan to do at some point. It will be things like my kitchen bakeware, stuff that I can’t exactly take to Melbourne, but I don’t want to get rid of either. I love my bakeware. If I could take it with me, I would. But it will probably be cheaper just to buy some cheap stuff from Target or wherever it is you go to find these things in Australia.

But this probably is largely caused by another problem – shopping addiction. I have decided that I will not buy anything unless it is an “OMG THAT IS SO COOL I MUST HAVE IT I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT IT” item. These are few and far between, but hopefully it will stop some of my more extravagant purchasing (like putting $400 down at City Chic in one shop. Yes, it has been done.)

This will be hard, but it is all about minimilist living while I am in Melbourne. If there is a book I want. I can’t buy it in paper back. As much as I would love to. I love the smell and feel of a good book, there is nothing else like it. But I cannot build a collection like I have here, so the first thing that I will probably buy is a kindle or iPad. Just deciding which one to get will be the difficult part. Jebus.

Any ideas on how to cut down on the amount of stuff in my life is appreciated. Especially clothes. I don’t know how I am going to manage getting rid of the clothes. Or possibly the shoes. OH GOD. I will probably start a new form of income in the next few weeks and that will be coming from Trade Me sales. JOY.

But for now, I am in Wellington till Friday. Man Piece and I were thinking of a general catch up with people on WEDNESDAY starting at the Fork and Brewer from 5pm and maybe going for dinner somewhere.

Currently lazing at said Fork and Brewer with a cider. Unemployment is currently in it’s bliss stage, but this is subject to change whenever and however.

Drum roll please…

Once again, I have become rather slack on the blogging. This seems to be a recurring theme…

Anywho. I hope to try and blog a few more regular updates over the next few weeks, because, big news: Man Piece and I are moving to Melbourne!

Yip. We’re ditching the city of sails for the city of trams!


So in the next four weeks, yes four, we’ll be packing up our life in Auckland, fitting our belongings into two suitcases each and cross the ditch on one of those big things with wings.

We both finish work on August 24. That weekend we pack up the apartment (hopefully having sold most of our stuff) and head to Hawke’s Bay and Wellington to see family etc before flying out sometime that week.

But right now, I’m going to go through my shoes. Cause I have so many that they will not all fit in two suitcases… hard decisions are needing to be made.

Wish me luck!

I’m not clowning around anymore.

I’ve been struggling lately to find shoes that actually fit.

Since moving to Auckland my feet seem to be in a constant swollen state and a lot of my shoes I now struggle to even get on.

Some of them probably were a bit small when I got them, but I sometimes don’t have a choice. I have clown feet and I hate it.

Would you wear these?

In order for shoes to fit me, I need at least an 11, if not a 12. Sometimes I can get away with a 10, but they do bad things to my feet and when my feet are swollen, there is no way I can even get in to a 10.

Having been a student, then unemployed, and now one of those lowly paid journalists, I have always relied upon Number 1 Shoes to provide me with cheap shoes that I could get in an 11, usually.

Now every time I go in there, I can never find an 11. Nowhere in sight. Even Hannahs only really stocks up to a 10/11.

I tried on a pair of really cool ballet flats in Hannahs yesterday. They were purple with a black buckle across the toe. They were awesome. The shop assistant brought me an 11. I put it on, and even though I could get it on, I knew it was going to cause me problems if I bought it. My toes were at the end and I could already feel it rubbing on my big toe. So I didn’t buy them. If they had have been in a 12, I might have.

I’ve also been into Overland and Mi Piaci with no luck. One of the sales assistants said to try Nine West. I looked, I loved, and I found 12s. However, I could not sign up to the American website. I managed to sign up to the Australian one, but alas, they didn’t have the shoes I loved or really any in an 11 or 12. Sad face.

I know of Willow Shoes, which I have bought from before. Or should I say, my Mother has bought for me. There is no way I can ever afford any of the shoes there unless they are heavily discounted, even then, still rather expensive.

So I ask you, internet, where can I find relatively cheap shoes in a size 11 or 12? My feet need your help, because right now, I wear nothing but jandals. And those aren’t really “business shoes” now, are they?

Or these?

The one where I get engaged.

Yeah, what now?

You read that correctly: ENGAGED.

So Man Piece and I have officially being seeing each other for a year. On that one year anniversary, he decided to pop the question. Quite a surprise, I will tell you!

Everyone has been asking for the story of how he proposed, so to save me time, I’m blogging it. ‘Cause, yanno, that’s what I do.

At the weekend we were in Wellington. Man Piece had managed to get grabaseats for both of us over Auckland Anniversary, which was quite awesome. He even booked us in at The Bolton Hotel. Flaaaaaash.

We had just been out for dinner on Sunday and had wandered back to the hotel. I was fairly exhausted as I woke up Saturday with a cold which has really sucked all the energy out of me.

I had collapsed on the bed, about ready to fall asleep and Man Piece was lying next to me. We were talking about things that had happened throughout the year – lots of lovey, vomit worthy stuff.

The whole, “You make me feel like a better person.” “I don’t want to be without you.” “I love you.” etc etc.

I noticed his heart was beating quite fast at one point, almost beating out of his chest.

He then said something like (because honestly, it’s all really a blur. Remember I was sick, rather delirious from fever at the time too. In fact I might be imagining this whole thing.) “I don’t want to be without you for the rest of my life. Lisa, will you marry me?”

I was in shock. Like, WUT.

Then I said something stupid like, “I want to say no, but I want to say yes at the same time.”

Then I wanted to try on the sparkles.

After that I was like, “I guess that’s a yes.” Smooth, real smooth.

But the most important thing is that I said yes and I get to be with the man that makes me feel special for the rest of my life.

So now I’m engaged. I’m the future Mrs Carr. WUT. And I have a wedding to plan. We’re thinking around February 2013. I want a summer wedding and to get married before my bridesmaids flee the country.

So yeah, um… *freaks out*