Blue Mountains adventure as told in pictures

Man Piece and I decided to venture out to the Blue Mountains on Saturday. It was an experience and I was in pain.

We got the train out to Katoomba – a two hour train ride.

The platform for the train was at the end of Central Station tunnels.


We’re going on an adventure! With an InterCity Train!


We’re going to make some tracks.


After two hours on the train we arrived at Katoomba, and walked to Echo Point and the Three Sisters.



Man Piece at Echo Point.


Me at Echo Point.


The Three Sisters. Honestly, they’re just rocks – I don’t know what the fuss is all about.

Then we walked down to the look out above the Three Sisters and then walked along the top of the cliff, heading back to Katoomba.

There was some pretty interesting erosion of the sandstone. Plus people had carved their names into it.



We then headed back to Katoomba. What they don’t tell you is it is downhill walking most of the way to Echo Point, so heading back to the town was hellish – a lot of uphill. I also conquered some pretty brutal stairs, I was going to take a photo, but in all the ‘Can I die yets’, I forgot.

But I made it (Man Piece was still pretty much walking circles around me) and I was rewarded with food, glorious food (by this time I was famished and exhausted).

We went to the Espresso and Waffle Bar.


A cinnamon waffle with fresh fruit and real maple syrup.


And a chocolate milkshake which was huge and delicious.

We wandered the main street a little bit, poked our noses in to a few of the bakeries there (one of them smelt absolutely amazing with the fresh bread). I purchased a piece of chocolate truffle cake to take home. Unfortunately I didn’t snap a picture of it, but it was delicious. Nice, moist and chocolatey.

Then we caught the train back to Sydney, in which I actually fell asleep, then proceeded to be in pain for the rest of the night while lounging on the couch.