Sir Paul Holmes 1950 – 2013

Sir Paul Holmes. Photo / Doug Sherring NZHerald

Yesterday morning New Zealand woke to the news Sir Paul Holmes had passed away.

Sir Paul was one of the greatest journalists New Zealand has ever had and helped change the face of broadcasting in the country.

His achievements have been well documented in the media over the past weeks. He will be missed, he will not be forgotten, he has influenced every single journalist in New Zealand and will probably continue to do so.

I remember watching Holmes at 7pm while growing up and I remember reading his weekly column in the Hawke’s Bay Today/New Zealand Herald.

I remember one point during my internship at the Hawke’s Bay Today those in the newsroom talking highly of him. At the time he had filed his column for the weekend with several days to spare – unusual for a journalist, usually we take every second possible when meeting a deadline.

But most of all, I remember him speaking at the opening of the new technology block at Karamu High School, my high school.

Now, I barely remember what he said – this was 10 years ago – but I do remember thinking, while he spoke of his time at the school, that if this guy can go on and do so much with his life when coming from Hastings and Karamu, so can I. Little did I know at the time I would end up in the same profession. Perhaps he influenced me more than I originally thought…

So, goodnight Sir Paul, the next generation is here to carry on your legacy.