Oh My God, You Guise.

The other day I saw my first musical since moving to Sydney, the city of shows! In Australia, at least. It was Legally Blonde: The Musical.

Ta Da! *jazz hands* (google images)

Now, I love the Legally Blonde movies. I have lost count of how many times I have watched them. They are the ultimate feel-good, girl-power movies. So, needless to say I was excited to see the musical. Who doesn’t like singing and dancing?!

It was at the Sydney Lyric over in Darling Harbour. I was able to walk from Man Piece and my apartment – amazing.

Back to the show… IT WAS AWESOME.

If you are in Sydney and wanting to go see a show, go see Legally Blonde. It’s the best of everything.

The only criticism I had was Elle’s voice. It sometimes ended up on the too-nasally-high-pitched-annoying scale. I know this is how she is supposed to be, but I never really noticed it in the movies. It might have been because it was a stage show and there wasn’t any sound editing. Otherwise, she did an amazing job.

Best song has to be the, “Oh my god, oh my god you guise”. I have actually had that stuck in my head ever since and only that bit, because I don’t know the rest of the song. Oy vey.

OR, Gay and European. That was just fabulous.

Best dance would have to be the work-out video. Just amazing. So much energy needed for that, I was mesmerized.

The best accessory would have to be Elle’s pink, lace-up, knee-high, heeled boots. I would really love a pair. Amazing.

The boots. The boots! Look at the boots! (google images)

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