Best and worst dressed.

The Golden Globes were today. Usually a day of fashion and trying to catch the celebrities doing random drunk things. This year, the fashion wasn’t that great, but I still want to say which were my favs and which weren’t.


Amanda Peet looks like she’s wearing a nighty.

Julianna Margulies has a body which is way better than this dress, which does absolutely nothing for her.

I have no words for Kelly Osborne. Unless ‘ugh’ is one. And the hair? It’s grey!

Jodie Foster looks really uncomfortable in this dress. I feel the skirt should be more flared at the bottom.

Freido Pinto looks like her proportions are wrong. Hem needed to be skinny, not full.

Michelle Williams looks like she should be hanging on a wall, as a curtain.

It looks like someone just grab some hot pink material and wrapped it around Natalie Portman, then tied it at the waist.

Is Jessica Beil getting married in the 19th Century?


Ariel Winter is so cute in this dress. I wouldn’t mind a dress like that myself.

Tina Fey. This is the type of dress I want when I get married, except, yanno, white/cream/black/whatever.

A lot of people have been bagging on The Buffster, but personally, I love what SMG is wearing.

I don’t even know who this woman is – Katharine McPhee. But the dress is simple and elegant and I love the champagne colour.

Debra Messing wears a very similar style to SMG, which is why I love this dress. But I’d prefer the oil/water version more.

It’s elegant, yet a little punky. Just like Emma Stone, which is why I like it.

Mila Kunis. This is something that I would see potential bridesmaids wearing, for my wedding of course. (No, I’m not thinking about getting married *shifty eyes*) In black too. Also perhaps a slightly shorter hem.

This is just beautiful. I love the feathery like skirt. Helen Mirren always looks amaze in navy blue.


The males always tend to dress the same – in a tux, so unless they tend to go a bit eccentric like Ricky Gervais did with his maroon tux, they don’t really stand out from any other male walking down the red carpet. But, Chris Colfer stood out, because he looks so darn cute.

(Obtained photos mostly from The Hollywood Reporter or by doing a simple, yet effective, google search.)

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