Snot Watch: Day umpteen (I lost count a while ago.)

Gosh, I barely know where to start to update you all on what has happened this week – and it’s only Thursday!

One day at a time then!

Monday I had job interview number one. I don’t really know how my job interviews go anymore. I just know that I wasn’t a blubbering idiot. After the interview I went and did a CV drop around a few shops I had noticed had signs up. This was supposed to have been done on Friday afternoon, but  after the WINZ appointment I was not in a very great frame of mind to present myself, so postponed it. I think I dropped about 10 CVs in the Cuba/Willis/Lambton area. Not a whole heap for the area that I covered, but it was more than I expected.

Tuesday I headed up to Auckland for job interview number two. This one I think went pretty well, so I’m in the waiting phase – I’m essentially in the waiting phase for both of them. So it was a flying visit to Auckland. I got to catch up with @BitchAboutDevo and @TangThang and not much else. By the time I was on the airport bus and at the airport I was struggling. You know when you’re starting to get sick and your whole body hurts, you just have no energy and no idea how to even stand up anymore? Yeah, that. But as I managed to get on the Koru Hour flight (this is what I have been told it is) I got complementary bagel crisps, hummus and a wine. Did I mention I was on the black plane? It was awesome. By the time I got back to the flat the only thing I was capable of was shower, food and bed.

Wednesday is pretty much a blur. I was not feeling good when I, surprisingly, woke up at 7am. I was then very confused, thinking hours had passed when it was only a few minutes. The morning continued like this and eventually I got up because I was overheating. Turned out it was a bad idea and I got a lot worse. Cue shaking, headache, fever, no energy and coughing. Lots and lots of coughing. That type of coughing where you think your head might explode and chest rip apart. Even worse, was I had to take some Ventolin. I barely have to take Ventolin these days because my asthma is under control, so it just shows how bad the coughing is.

All of this lead to the decision to come home for a bit. Probably just a week. Today I caught the bus and this afternoon I went to the doctor. I’ve now got some steroids and antibiotics, cause my asthma has gotten quite bad and I’ve had this cold/whatever it is for about two weeks now.

Hopefully with medication and lots of rest I will kick whatever this thing is. Oh, and my Mum looking after me.

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