Life of the unemployed has reached a new level of boredom.

I am so bored. Ridiculously.

I feel I have nothing to do with my days anymore, no purpose to get out of bed and actually leave the house.

This is the downfall that is the life of the unemployed. Many might think it is dandy, you can do whatever you like whenever you like. But really that is not the case.

Not only do you have no money to go out and do anything, you actually start to crave the normalcy that having a job creates. You have a purpose to everyday that you get out of bed. There is also only so many times you can watch so many TV programmes or movies. Or clean the house.

The last few days I have taken to cleaning #geekflat. It has to be one of the filthiest flats in Wellington. It took me probably close to an hour yesterday to scrub the stove top to white again. Even though it is looking much better, I’m still not 100 per cent happy with it. Other duties I have done include changing the bed, washing those sheets, clothes washing, vacuuming, dishes etc etc. I’ve definitely earned my keep this week.

And yet, it does not satiate the boredom.

Before any of you start to wonder whether I should be looking for work. Yes I am. That is my main priority, but with everything else you get bored after doing that for awhile so you want something else to do. Plus, once you’ve applied for all the jobs, you can only wait until more are advertised.

So I am currently suspended in a state of boredom. Perhaps why this is my third blog post of today? I’m really trying to keep my mind active.

In anything I begin to have an issue with, I put in place a plan.

The plan: continue applying for jobs (obviously), but try and find some other freelance work to replace what I lost from Oh, The Scandal! (this will fulfill the mental¬†capabilities). It has been suggested over twitter that I begin volunteering at a few places. I thought I might make contact with the SPCA, because what would be better than playing with puppies!? I’m also going to try and clean something everyday and read a little every day.

So for now, I’m going to say goodnight and go and read some Harry Potter.


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