The one where I point out the glaringly obvious.

As a journalist, you know what’s what when you read an article. Usually you can find the mistakes hidden within them too, that the journo and the editor (if one has looked at it) haven’t managed to catch.

I often find many mistakes in various articles across the various media sites. I once read a CNN article that was littered with mistakes, like the journalist didn’t even know the first thing about punctuation. I probably could have gone through it with a pencil and marked all the mistakes and corrected them. It was definitely more than just style differences.

Now tonight I came upon a TVNZ article. Rather brief and hastily put together and once again, I see the mistakes within it like a pimple on the end of your nose.

I don’t think I am being cocky here. The last thing I would ever call myself is cocky, I lean more towards the not believing in myself more than anything (thankfully that is changing though). But why, when I can find the glaringly obvious mistakes in articles by respected media organisations, do I still not have a job?

You could say they were a silly mistake. Sure, everyone makes mistakes. But a quick read through out loud of the TVNZ article, you would notice the mistakes quite easily. It would barely take 30 seconds.

I guess I’m just bitter more than anything else. I have this awesome education, which I worked hard for, for five years to get and I have just passed the 18 month mark of being unemployed.

It just doesn’t make sense. It never does.

This entire post is a round-about way of saying, I AM BORED OUT OF MY MIND.