To tweet or not to tweet?

I am contemplating amalgamating my twitter accounts.

Currently I have two @splatdevil and @lisarapley.

@splatdevil is on lockdown because I don’t see it as a very professional twitter account. It does not portray the person that I am wanting to put forward, but in saying that, it is who I am. At times it could go a little overboard. It is really a “friends” account, whereas @lisarapley is a professional “work” account. (Not that I actually have a job.)

These days you have to be careful with what you put on the internet, because with a quick Google search you can find anything. In fact this blog probably doesn’t cast me in a very good light, which is why I have been blogging less. The whole, putting less of myself online.

Which is where the idea of deleting one account came from.

I also rely a lot on twitter. It has literally taken over my life in the last two years. Sure, I didn’t have much else to do, but I’m wanting to change that. I’m sick of being unemployed and I feel I’m getting the short end of the stick sometimes.

I guess there are two ways I could do it.
1. Keep @splatdevil, but follow everyone from @lisarapley that I don’t follow; change my name (most likely to lisarapley) and unlock my account.
2.Vice versa – keep @lisarapley and follow everyone from @splatdevil that I don’t follow.

The second one seems the easiest, there is less to do. But the issues I’m coming up against – I will lose my tweet count from @splatdevil if I do that.

I’ve put in two years of work on that one and have made some fantastic friends through it. I have almost 38k tweets. Could I really undo all of that with a simple click of my mouse?

Another is, would people know it was me? Deleting @splatdevil and following all I did over on @lisarapley, would I get back the people that I have followed and become, somewhat, friends with?

There are other options. I could delete both and start afresh. People have done it. Or I could make @lisaraply my main account and cut down on the amount of people I follow on @splatdevil. That would turn it in to a strictly “friends only” account, which might not be a bad thing.

I want to do something and having only one account would be awesome. But in this world where I have submerged myself in social media and the career that I am trying to get off the ground, is having one account realistic?

What are your thoughts? Do you have multiple accounts? If so, what do you use them for? Am I worrying over nothing? Tweet me or leave a comment below.


4 thoughts on “To tweet or not to tweet?

  1. You will totally always be *splats* to me as well. Deleting my original account was easy. I just thought about it for 5 minutes and then did it. It was hard adding the bulk of the people back and then I had people that used to follow me that still haven't followed back. I started unfollowing people and figured if they wanted to follow then they could. I also made the decision not to follow people under a certain age…as seriously what do we have in common?I was determined to make my new account different to my old one by not “cryptic” tweeting or tweeting passive aggressive stuff. I have always tried to avoid swearing on both accounts. I never tweet about where I work as I don’t feel that it’s appropriate.I live a lot of my life online and through my blog and if people want to find me they can pretty easily. From time to time I consider locking my account again, but then I figure why bother. I pretty much keep Facebook for friends only although a few Twitter people have snuck in there; which is nice.At the end of the day it’s up to you what you do. I figure that people can normally find out stuff about you if they really want to look. Most of my private conversations I do now by DM and I delete these regularly and I DM people that I trust. Also, I have switched to texting a good online friend.

  2. Hmmm, I think I do need to make a major change, but maybe I can do that with both accounts.I'm thinking maybe start making @lisarapley my primary account, make @splatdevil for just "friends", so that would involve unfollowing a whole heap of people. Not that bad.I always made the effort to make @lisarapley a non-swearing, above board account exclusively for work.I might need to think about it some more. I almost think it shouldn't be this hard. Twitter really is ruling my life, which is why I need to change.

  3. I'm dealing with this atm too…mainly because I just got given the duty of curating the work Twitter account. Already paths are starting to cross :/ It was fine tweeting about work before because I was never specific about where, but now social media actually *is* work. I'm considering whether to protect my personal account…you know me, I'm pretty good at inappropriate tweeting :/Have you experienced downsides of being protected?

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