Photography, sickness, and some form of work makes me not so poor.

Today has been a fairly relaxed day, just sitting on the computer doing odd bits and pieces (mostly twitter).

Although I have been trying to do a bit of photography today. The hard part is that the weather doesn’t seem to want to cooperate with me.

Today I needed blue sky, I got an overcast day.

Then I needed some contrast – highlights and shadows. I got uniform light.

Hopefully tomorrow will give me something to work with. I’d hate to try and figure out this assignment indoors with artificial light. It just doesn’t look right.

I did manage to do the first part by finding a photo from my random explorations in to the outside world, when trying to get to know my camera, that fitted exactly what I needed. The first part was mostly just photoshop stuff. But tomorrow I really need some good light! Fingers crossed.

I had a couple days worth of work this week. Just a bit of data entry type stuff. But it at least fills a little hole on my CV and adds some more skills, I guess.

Also money! Yay!

Bitch gets paid.

I’m also sick. It’s horrible. I feel I haven’t been sick in ages and now I can’t breathe properly and my nose is blocked and I just really feel like death warmed up. Horrible. So I’m chugging back the lemsip drinks.


Not much else to write about. This is a pretty blah post. My life is unexciting, unless you want to see the massive oozing blister on the side of my big toe.

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