I get a new shiny and you can lick your armpit.

Nothing much to report on today, just like there was nothing to report on yesterday. Thus no post.

Two things of excitement today:

1. I got my new camera! A very purdy DSLR Canon 1000D *swoon*

2. I had to pack for Wellington. Yay!

So I’ve been playing with my camera a lot today. I plan to use the five hours on the bus to play with it a lot more though. Time well spent, me thinks.

I think tonight, I have perfected the art of packing. I don’t think you will actually believe how much stuff I got into my suitcase. Yes, it is bulging, but I’m pretty sure I have everything that I could possibly need while in Wellington for any eventuality of activities. Except anything like mountain climbing, but seriously? Me climb a mountain? (By mountain I mean off the track rugged terrain type mountain) Screw that.

Anyway, off to Wellington tomorrow by bus. I get to see Man Piece! This week has been crazy slow. I just wanted it to hurry up.

So sleep I must. I’m going to look like a bit of a retard tomorrow with all my bags. I have my suitcase, laptop bag, handbag, camera bag and a bag full of crap I’m going to take to Recycle Boutique to see if they can sell it.

It’s not really crap. It’s actually some quality shoes and some clothes that have barely been worn.

Oh and I have the tri-pod which I will most likely have to carry. What a weirdo, pack horse I’m going to look like.

Oh, and apparently you can lick your own armpit. Try it. You might like it.