Couch day and a whole heap of musicals.

I lay on the couch all day. I was feeling a tad ‘ew’. After the night before of drinking and walking and staying up late and lack of sleep.

It was officially a couch day.

I watched Big Bang Theory and pigged out on masses of food – Chicken bites, hashbrowns, muffin splits with PB&J and coke. Cannot forget the coke.

I did not put on proper clothes.

Clothes are overrated.

Then people started to turn up at #geekflat. Needless to say I was not presentable for company, but I didn’t care. I did not accommodate them with proper clothes.

People were gathering for #geekflat musical night.

Twas awesome.

We watched Rent, The Wizard of Oz and The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

I also ate an entire packet of those licorice chocolate logs and had a few more drinks.

Hair of the dog, etc.

I then went to sleep after people left, because yanno, it was 2am and all.