Splishin’ and a splashin’

Today was hot, like actual. I lounged around a bit on my bed with a nice breeze coming in my window, but it was not enough.

I donned my new fancy-pants togs that I bought a few weeks ago and jumped in the pool. Devine.

I skipped the walk today, because my exercise was in the pool. I made sure I was swimming the lengths for about half an hour. It was kind of hilarious getting out though, with my bung knee and back currently. It was reminiscent of a beached whale flailing around on the shore. It helped my togs are blue.

Seriously, flailing.

That’s really the only exciting thing that happened today, if you can call it exciting. It’s more mundane. Or just a bit like “OMG I CAN SWIM!” Congrats you’re like 95 per cent* of the population!

Did you know di-hydrogen oxide contributes to 99.9 per cent** of all drownings? I think we should get it banned. That’s some killer statistics there. You’re probably wondering what contributes to the other 0.1 per cent. My vote goes to mercury. That shit is fierce.

*I made up this statistic.
**This one too.