New music, NAO.

Just thought I would write a little post/musings of some new music I have stumbled upon in the last few weeks, which has started to get me out of my current music funk.

First was Evan Taubenfeld with his single “Pumpkin Pie”. He could probably be lumped in with the Disney kids, because that is his sound – overly poppy. But no Disney kid would ever sing a song with these lyrics. Lucky for you, the video is a lyric version, so you can read them and no mistakes can be made. Dare I say an older Justin Beiber (Who must die! I vote throwing him into the volcano – you all know which one I’m talking bout.)


Next came Coheed and Cambria with “Pearl of the Stars”. It’s off their latest album Year of the Black Rainbow, which was released in April. This is one that just stuck out for me and I have had it on repeat ever since. I just love it. And in becoming obsessed with this song, I have rediscovered what I liked about Coheed and Cambria a few years ago. So, it’s really a win/win situation.


Then there is Tegan and Sara. New music always makes me feel buzzy. And listening to this, I have searched the depths of my music collection and pulled up some of their old stuff. I love how band’s new music tends to make me do this. It has miraculously pulled me out of my music funk of the last few months, where I have had no idea what to listen to. This song “Hell” is from their latest CD Sainthood, which was released October last year.


And lastly, there is The All-American Rejects. Although they have not released anything new recently (except on the Almost Alice soundtrack – which I keep meaning to review for you all), I have been listening to them in my funky state to try and pull me out. Which is how I came across “Mona Lisa” from When the World Comes Down. It is such a amazing song and I wish a guy would play it for me, seriously. If they did, they would own my heart forever (Okay, that was a bit soppy. I apologise.) I would totally do Tyson, he is fucking sexsi. Plus I have one of their guitar picks from when I saw them live. PROUD. (That better?)