I’m not clowning around anymore.

I’ve been struggling lately to find shoes that actually fit.

Since moving to Auckland my feet seem to be in a constant swollen state and a lot of my shoes I now struggle to even get on.

Some of them probably were a bit small when I got them, but I sometimes don’t have a choice. I have clown feet and I hate it.

Would you wear these?

In order for shoes to fit me, I need at least an 11, if not a 12. Sometimes I can get away with a 10, but they do bad things to my feet and when my feet are swollen, there is no way I can even get in to a 10.

Having been a student, then unemployed, and now one of those lowly paid journalists, I have always relied upon Number 1 Shoes to provide me with cheap shoes that I could get in an 11, usually.

Now every time I go in there, I can never find an 11. Nowhere in sight. Even Hannahs only really stocks up to a 10/11.

I tried on a pair of really cool ballet flats in Hannahs yesterday. They were purple with a black buckle across the toe. They were awesome. The shop assistant brought me an 11. I put it on, and even though I could get it on, I knew it was going to cause me problems if I bought it. My toes were at the end and I could already feel it rubbing on my big toe. So I didn’t buy them. If they had have been in a 12, I might have.

I’ve also been into Overland and Mi Piaci with no luck. One of the sales assistants said to try Nine West. I looked, I loved, and I found 12s. However, I could not sign up to the American website. I managed to sign up to the Australian one, but alas, they didn’t have the shoes I loved or really any in an 11 or 12. Sad face.

I know of Willow Shoes, which I have bought from before. Or should I say, my Mother has bought for me. There is no way I can ever afford any of the shoes there unless they are heavily discounted, even then, still rather expensive.

So I ask you, internet, where can I find relatively cheap shoes in a size 11 or 12? My feet need your help, because right now, I wear nothing but jandals. And those aren’t really “business shoes” now, are they?

Or these?